10 Easy Ways To Beautify Your Holiday Home Decor

Holiday home decor is everyone's favorite. We enjoy trying new and trendy decor ideas to give a perfect look to our home. So many people are fretting about planning for the fabulous holiday scenery, but it is not a big deal. 

All you need are essential decor items like led lights, faux or real seasonal flowers, elegant centerpieces, wreaths, and other ornaments and gems for the season that will make a significant and appealing winter sanctuary for you and your guests. After we have told you about the tiny bits, we will take you on the journey of holiday decor for your house step by step, so get yourself all set for the voyage.

1. Think About a Different Color Scheme

Many of us often go for traditional decorations whenever we plan for holiday decor. This is a good idea, but we should try something non-traditional and formal to create a changed look in our homes this time.

So this time, when you start your holiday decor, let go of the standard colors like green, white and red, etc. and spruce up your house with some bright gold and blush colors to give a non-denominational but sparkling and glossy look to the home.

2. Maximize Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen is the central part of your house where guests gather, so spend most of your time making it luminous and glowing to entice the guests and make good scenery at your home. 

You can go for many things, like preparing a corner of your kitchen for the drinks only and a kitchen island for your guests to linger by. Furthermore, you can put some tiny fairy lights in one corner of the house; your guests will surely appreciate this glint part.

3. Create a Winter Garland Around the Front Door

The front door is the main area that has to be perfect and well-designed. You can make the holiday decor aesthetic by adding a garland made of winter woods and other winter ornaments like pinecones (these would give a great look if you paint them with some blush colors of your choice matching with the theme), faux and fresh magnolia, etc. So give your all, make a perfect and inviting garland with greenery around the main door, and let it speak for itself.

4. Don't Keep Up with the Joneses

This certainly deals with your instinct about holiday decor. But, first, you need to understand the reason behind changing the whole look of your house, no doubt it is to welcome the new season, but in add-on to this, decor changes the environment and atmosphere around you. 

So always try to create the atmosphere that you and your family love and feel cozy in rather than going for some tradition and bright colors and ornaments for the sake of competition and matching the so-called standards everybody goes for. So choose every bit of it that you love regardless of every other factor.

5. Two Trees Are Double the Fun

Holiday decor mainly deals with Christmas, and Christmas trees are an integral part of the planning which can double the fun if we plan for two Christmas trees. You must be wondering how two trees will double the fun. Every home has kids who need tasks, especially during the house arrangement. 

So the first tree is a 'fun tree' on which you and the kids can make ornaments related to the theme and place them up on the tree, while the second one is a pretty tree designed by you with genuine accessories in the perfect color palette and theme.

6. Don't Use Poinsettias

There was a season of poinsettias until some years back, and it did create a good look and fragrance, but honestly, this fashion has lost the limelight. However, it has a great replacement: white flowers that give fragrance and a fantastic look to the decor. You can include lilies, white roses, or hydrangeas, which can be added to the centerpiece and other little parts of the home decor.

7. Go Cozy

Holidays are meant to be comfortable and lively, so you do not need to go on the roof and do the luxurious preparation for the home; the perfect move you can make is to add little arrangements to the house, like some cute little Christmas trees, some faux scented candles, decorative fur pillows, and cashmere throw blankets, etc., would do the job. The real happiness of the holidays is taking time from our busy routine and spending time with our loved ones.

8. Accessorize Your Greenery

Adding greenery like trees and plants is the primary decor that everybody does in their houses. Yet, you can make it unique and appealing by adding sparkling accessories like glittery critters and some clips of the creatures on the greenery, and you will be amazed to look at the final peep.

9. Decorate the Mantel

The fireplace is the irresistible portion of the house, especially in winter. Remember to decorate this portion with elegant natural accessories like wood, flowers, greenery, etc., to feel cozy and intimate during the holiday season.

10. Use Dishware as a Guide

Many brands are preparing dishes and table linens according to different themes that perfectly fit the decor, so this time select elegant dishware for the guests at the holiday party. To have the most fun, we suggest you go for disposable charger plates, as they are easy on the wallet and more durable. With the fancy plastic chargers, your party will have that much-needed glowy look. To look expensive, you must have elegant charger plates with proper silverware displayed on your table. 

For kids, you can go for paper charger plates as they love dropping utensils a lot. Christmas holiday must be the most fun one, so get disposable chargers to save yourself from the agony of cleaning the mess and doing dishes. If you are looking for affordable charger plate options, check out Kaya's collections of plates. These will be enough for you to have a blissful party this Christmas. Remember your loved ones in your prayers and hope for a better future!