About Us

Kaya Tableware is a leading, top-rated online manufacturer specialized in the distribution of upscale and wholesale disposable plastic party supplies and event realization. We have exquisite experience in organizing parties and supplying your events with elegant party dinnerware. We are extremely honored and happy about the fact that we have countless satisfied customers who have had the most fabulous and impressive parties organized with our stamp on them. We always strive to satisfy our customers' most extreme, luxurious, and elegant requirements, so our revolutionary and competitive formula can be expressed as a large and attractive offer with exceptional convenience.

We design, manufacture, and import our own products so that we can supply beautiful tableware products at prices that are right for you. We provide the most beautiful table settings as well as high style, luxurious, and unique disposable party dinnerware to enhance your party, event, occasion, or celebration in the most innovative and chic way. The main feature of the Kaya Collection is its extensive range, which consists of plates, cutlery, dinnerware sets, bowls, trays, wine glasses, champagne flutes, coffee mugs, serving tableware and utensils, and many other party supplies. From glamorous, vintage, and royal designs with a look from the time of lords to the most fashionable, trendy, and edgy styles and shapes, Kaya Tableware strives to offer a wide variety of products to fit seamlessly with a wide range of décor and help you present food as rich and tempting as in the most expensive restaurants. Our wholesale plastic plates and more are made of the highest quality plastic materials, they are fully recyclable and conveniently disposable to minimize the hassle of breaking and shredding and maximize the potential for a hassle-free dining experience. 

Kaya Collection remains focused on you, your wishes, and an irresistible passion for entertainment. We have an excellent team of extreme professionals and designers with enormous knowledge and one of the best efficiencies on the market. Every product we offer puts a lot of effort into meeting the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality, and beauty, and that is exactly how we deserve and hold the trust of our customers and how our long-term relationship with customers is built. Our customer service is always available to answer any question you may have, whether it's about size, style, or the quantity of your order, as well as shipping matters, and many more. You can contact us through phone, email, or live chat on the website, where you will be provided with instant assistance.

Our priority is not just sales but creating a long-term relationship with clients to our mutual satisfaction. We achieve this by carefully listening and observing your requirements and needs, rigorous product selection, and nurturing customer relationships. Through direct sales and constant contact with customers, we have learned to see them as part of the family and treat them with care and respect. We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us and that you will love our stunning dinnerware as much as we care for you. Visit Kaya anytime, we are here and ready to make your party unforgettable.  hhh