10 Essentials to Know When Hosting a Thanksgiving Party

We all get excited when it comes to a thanksgiving party on holiday. If you are hosting the party, you no doubt have a great deal of responsibility and must be super active right from the start.

You may get stuck with a perplexed mind if you forget to bring cocktails or if some dishes are not cleaned properly. Ultimately not only will you suffer, but also your guests will feel discomfort, and this is not your intent, of course.

These are the 10 essentials you need to know before throwing a Thanksgiving party. They will enable you to organize a unique, elegant, and spectacular event.

1. Make a Checklist for Your Thanksgiving party

It's a proactive approach to making a checklist for your party. First, you must divide the party into three sections: pre-thanksgiving party tasks, during-the-party tasks, and post-thanksgiving party tasks.

You will realize how you can miss little things that can impact the whole thanksgiving party theme and can also bring fuss. It will remove the clutter for you, and instead of feeling down or stressed, you will enjoy the pre-thanksgiving party tasks.

This checklist will cover tasks like making a guest list, cleaning the house, placing orders for plastic platesdisposable flatware, and drinkware, visiting the grocery store, creating a food ingredients list, and buying the decor stuff.

2. Finalize Guests List

It is crucial to finalize the guest's arrival list a couple of weeks before the event, so you know exactly how many people will attend it. This simple step will give you much relief from the stress on the day of the party.

Note that you're going to buy the supplies based on this list. Ensure you order enough disposable serving ware and plastic plates for the guests. You should also manage the seating arrangement before the party to save yourself from the embarrassment you would otherwise face.

3. Decide Menu

The heart of any event - without a doubt - is the menu. It is a time-consuming process. However, when you have the guests list ready, deciding on a menu is not a problem. But you'll still need to put thought into making a menu list.

Think about your guests' likes and dislikes; do they prefer hot or less-spicy foods? Is anyone diabetic or suffers from any other chronic disease? Is anyone vegan? Ask yourself these questions, and you'll have no problem completing the menu list.

You have to choose a balanced and economical menu for your guests. Drinks are a must for a thanksgiving party, so choose them wisely. When speaking of drinks, it is essential that you serve them in fancy plastic drinkware - so place an order for them. This effort will be worth making.

4. Thanksgiving Party Decoration

Thanksgiving party decor is essential because the event revolves around the party area. Your guests will come and spend a lot of time there, so if you embellish the room or party space with aesthetic elements like flowers, LED lights, and lanterns, your guests will feel superior and respected. 

5. Thanksgiving Party Table Setting

The table setting is equally important, but a smart one will need your attention. Table settings must be balanced and clutter-free, so your guests will find enough space to eat. You can embellish the party table with white tableware, flowers bouquet, and gracefully wrapped napkins as a white and golden touch. Golden color brings a royal and classy look to your table. 

6. Cleaning and Dusting 

No one can deny the importance of cleanliness and pleasing fragrance. This should be your first step in house preparations. Everything needs to be cleaned appropriately. Furniture, doors, washrooms, kitchen area, balcony, corridor, entrance, crockery, and garden must be organized and cleaned correctly. This will bring beauty and elegance to your party.

Cleanliness is always on the top ranking for preparing an event. Start this step one day before the party because you may not find enough time on the party day to do it.

7. Selection of Dinnerware 

Beautiful, elegant, and attractive dinnerware can set the magical mood for a perfect party. However, dinnerware is something important, and ladies worry about marble dinnerware because there is a probability that any piece of precious dinnerware will break down due to some carelessness.

You can use Kaya's high-quality, unique and attractive disposable serving ware, plates, flatware, and drinkware. These premium-quality dinnerware sets will put a glow to the overall look of your Thanksgiving table.

8. Take a Proactive Approach to Prepare Non-Food Items

Food is one of many things that need your attention. Nonfood items are equally important and need more attention, such as the availability of all ingredients to prepare food, cocktails, partyware, table setting, selection of outfits, footwear for yourself, alignment of crockery in proper order, and the list is so long.

To make everything smooth and flawless, you must take a proactive approach to nonfood items. A to-do list is a great idea not to miss any important step.

9. Have the Cocktail Ready to Go

Just imagine you are all set for a party, and everything is going well. Guests are coming on time. Everything is ready, and you are so happy to manage this fantastic party. Suddenly you realize you forgot to put drinks in the refrigerator due to a busy schedule, and now they are warm. Plus, there is not enough ice in the freezer. You will feel perplexed about what to do now!

So, to avoid this kind of stress, you need to take care of cocktails and prepare glasses to serve the drinks. You can use Kaya's beautiful and classy disposable drinkware to give it a mesmerizing look.

10. Live in the Spirit of the Holidays, Have Fun, and Relax

The most essential elements of a party are fun, joy, excitement, and quality time spent with friends and family. We know being a host is a big responsibility but drink the whole process and never forget to enjoy and have fun with the family. Proper scheduling and effective management will make everything smooth and, to some extent, automatic for you. So relax, have fun and live in the spirit of the holiday.