10 Tricks Every Outdoor Party Host Should Know

Holidays are here, and we know you are planning to host a party. It is understandable if you’re stressing out, but there’s no need for that. Instead, we will tell you the top tricks to help you host a perfect outdoor party.

There are so many things that contribute to a well-put outdoor event. It isn’t about the decorations only; it goes way beyond that. We are not saying this to overwhelm you. We want you to become the best host in your circle. So sit down and make a plan of the event - what is the mood of the party? Who do I invite? What theme to select?

Knowing the answers to these questions would make planning easier for you. But, on top of that, you need to know the little tips and tricks that go a long way. 

Send Captivating Invitations

You know how e-vites have taken over the traditional invitation cards - thanks to the progression of digital media. But there is something about the physical invites that electronic invitations can’t beat. They give the receiver a lovely feeling.

Don’t send boring invitations. There are apps where you can select color scheme, font,

And if you must send an e-vite, don’t invite your guests via email. Instead, make a cute invitation card according to the theme and color scheme. Write a text for the guests; it would make them feel important.

The tip here is to mention the details of your party on the card. Don’t just mention time, date, and venue - tell them what they should expect from the event. Then, your guests would get what they expected, and it wouldn’t become awkward.

Light it Up with Lanterns and String Lights

You need visuals at your party, even if you’re hosting it during the day. The sun sure will do the lighting for you, but hanging lanterns and LED lights will elevate the overall looks of your party.

String lights are another great decor item. The real magic of string lights appears at night when they illuminate the whole space looking like stars.

If you are hosting the party on your patio, hang lanterns from the top. They would illuminate as well as define the space.

Provide Insect Repellants

The one problem with lights is the bugs! So make sure you spray bugs and insect repellants in the area.

Be Mindful of the Menu

People have allergies! Be mindful of what you serve because sending someone to the hospital is not on your list. Know your guests - whether they are gluten-sensitive, vegan, or don’t drink alcohol - and prepare the meals accordingly.

You can also place a printed menu card on the table which mentions the allergens in your meals.

Fill Up Drink Dispensers or Pitchers

When hosting an outdoor party, there is more space than indoors. So you can’t be serving everyone drinks individually. Instead, set up a drinks station and fill a couple of dispensers or pitchers with the beverages, so your guests can get their drinks themselves. Moreover, your guests can refill their glasses whenever they are thirsty.

Be sure to include a variety of flavors in the drinks menu. For example, you can make fresh fruit mocktails to refresh everyone. Give it a bar-like feel with garnishes and a drinks caddy.

Decorate the drinks station with edible flowers and citrus fruits to give it vibrance. Have plenty of ice because your drinks will quickly warm outside.

Make Your Guests Feel Included

Let the guests contribute to the dinner. If they ask you what they should bring, tell them to bring a dessert or a drink. That way, they will feel included, and you will also get some help.

If you feel like you will put a burden on them, don’t worry! You are going to pay them back with a thoughtful party favor.

Serve in Buffet Style

When dining outdoors, set up a buffet-style table so the guests can get food themselves. Then, decorate it with centerpieces, flowers, and food.

Serve meals that are easy to cook: spending hours on the kitchen stove in the summer heat. Do most of the cooking the day before the event so you can enjoy your event.

Have enough food for the guests. Remember, you can’t go into your kitchen and grab something for the guests. When you are serving buffet style, it gives a wrong impression to the guests when food finishes.

Moreover, get disposable bowls and disposable plastic trays for dining because they offer easy cleanup. Also, your plasticware should be easy to carry, light in weight, and durable. These are the benefits you get in our serving party supplies. In addition, they are available in multiple colors and patterns.

We also offer eco-friendly serving utensils for parties that are a perfect choice for a sustainable party.

Make a Stand-Out Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the center of attention at any table. You can make one elegant centerpiece, and your table will slay. We would suggest you focus on making your centerpiece pretty so you don’t have to put time on other table decorations.

It’s not that difficult to make a centerpiece. You can arrange tall candles, flowers, and foliage and use them as centerpieces.

Tall centerpieces are trending, so consider making a heightened centerpiece. Make sure it doesn’t block their faces.

Get the Conversation Going

The conversation is a crucial thing to keep the party going. The key here is that the guests should not feel bored. Instead, create an environment where the guests can interact with each other. 

Give them sincere compliments, and talk about something they are interested in; they would love that conversation.

It might sound cheesy, but you can think of something to talk about before the guests arrive. 

Engage the Guests in Entertaining Games

Another trick to make your guests feel included is playing games with them. Know your guests and play games according to the mood of your party.

You can play hop-scotch, charades, never have I ever, or horror storytelling. But, games like hop-scotch would give your guests a nostalgic feel.

Next time you host an outdoor party, use these tricks and make your party the talk of the town!