10 Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve with Kids

New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate with your family, especially if you have kids. Here are 10 ways you can make New Year's Eve even more fun for your kids:

1. Make New Year's Eve-Themed Crafts

Crafts are a great way to get in the spirit of things. They can also be educational and fun for your kids—and you! Luckily, there are many ways to incorporate crafts into your New Year's Eve celebration. You can do them at home or out, on your own, or with the help of older kids and adults. For example:

  • If it's cold outside, make a craft in front of the fireplace (or in front of your TV).
  • If it's warm enough for outdoor activity, try making some New Year's Eve decorations out of paper mache, glitter glue, and paint (or googly eyes). This is also an excellent activity for kids who might be too young for other crafts but still want to participate in this holiday party tradition!

2. Make Party Hats & Noise Makers

Start by making noise makers. You can use anything that makes a sound when you rub it, like a balloon or a piece of tin foil. If you want to get fancy, try using your child's favorite toy from the dollar store!

Next, decorate party hats out of paper plates and construction paper. You can buy them if you want, but this is a fun project for older children who may enjoy making their own party hat design.

3. Make a Family Time Capsule

A time capsule is a great way to help your kids learn about New Year's Eve traditions while also giving them something fun to do that they can look back on as they get older.

First, gather all the items you've chosen (the ones below are just suggestions). Then, create a "time capsule box" by wrapping it in colorful paper and decorating it with stickers or markers. Give each item its spot in the box so that when your children return years later, they'll know exactly where everything goes. You may even want to include instructions on how to open it!

Once everything is packed away safely inside your "time capsule box," hide it somewhere safe until New Year's Eve 2041—or whatever year you choose!

4. Make Countdown Treat Bags

  • Make Countdown Treat Bags for each member of your family. Take a bag and fill it with treats for everyone from the youngest member to the oldest, making sure that you include something healthy in there for all ages to enjoy. Include a note inside each bag explaining why you love them, and make sure there is something special for each person—a handmade bracelet or necklace can be especially meaningful since they are made out of love!
  • If any guests are coming over before midnight (we're talking about children who don't want their parents waking them up), ensure they have plenty of things to do while waiting. You could even set up an activity area in your living room where kids can play games or watch TV while waiting until it's time to celebrate together!

5. Decorate Cookies Together

Cookies are easy to make, and kids can help with all the steps. You can use cookie cutters of any shape or size to make whatever you want. If your kids like to bake, this is a fun way for them to get creative. Make some cookies into stars, hearts, or other holiday shapes. Kids will enjoy decorating the cookies with frosting, sprinkles, and other toppings (like chopped nuts). After they are done decorating their cookies, let them eat them!

6. Play Games

If you have kids old enough to understand the concept of a New Year's Eve party, why not celebrate in style with some games? The best thing about playing games is that they don't require any special equipment or set-up—you can even play them indoors.

  • For example, what better way to ring in the new year than by rounding up everyone to play a round of pinball? If your backyard has enough space for this activity (and is free of stray cats), it'll make for an exciting time for all ages!
  • Don't you have a pinball machine lying around? No problem! You can always opt for cards instead and play classic games like Old Maid or War. Or maybe you prefer board games; partygoers will love trying their hand at Jenga or Uno as they wait for midnight strikes.

7. Have a Family Dinner

8. Have a Dance Party

If your kids like to dance and you don't mind breaking it down yourself, this is the perfect activity! First, have them help you make a playlist of songs everyone will enjoy. Then listen to music while you get ready for bed or do dishes together, then turn up the volume after lights out. It's incredible how much fun things can be when good music is playing in the background. It can also help create positive associations with bedtime (which will make going to bed easier).

Regarding what songs go on your playlist, choose ones everyone enjoys—and no matter how old they are, make sure there's something they'd want to dance to (even if it's just "The Chicken Dance"). You might even consider playing some oldies from when the kids were younger—they may enjoy hearing these childhood favorites again! Finally, don't forget about those adorable new year outfits: get some dancing shoes for each child, so there's no stopping their fun-loving feet from moving!

9. Watch Fireworks on TV

Watching fireworks on TV can be a fun way to celebrate the new year. Your kids can watch fireworks online, and if you have a smart TV or set-top box, you may even be able to tune in to your local station in real-time. Or, use this opportunity to try out streaming services like Netflix and Hulu (Hulu's offering includes several channels with fireworks shows).

If you don't have access to the internet or cable TV service—or if those options are too expensive for your budget—you can still show off some of these spectacular displays by visiting one of many public viewing areas across the country. In addition, many cities stage annual events where families can gather together and enjoy private pyrotechnic displays in parks, plazas, and other spaces that allow for safe viewing. 

10. Toast to the New Year with Tasty Mocktails

For the kids, a delicious mocktail is a perfect way to satisfy their thirst and ring in the New Year. To make your own, combine fruit juice (such as orange or grapefruit), soda water, and lime. Then add some mint leaves or other herbs for an added flavor kick! If you like your beverages on the sweeter side, add a bit of sugar syrup. Your kids will love it—and so will you! And don't forget to serve it fancy disposable plastic wine glasses, so your kids feel special.

New Year's Eve Is So Much Fun When You Celebrate with Your Kids

New Year's Eve is a great time to celebrate with your family. This is the perfect time to spend quality time with those most important to you. It is also an opportunity for children to learn about traditions and customs and grow up in a fun and exciting atmosphere!

In addition, New Year's Eve is a great opportunity for families to create new memories together. Many families will gather around their televisions or computers for the annual ball drop in Times Square, where millions of people come together on one day every year at midnight to celebrate their friendships and loved ones.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you make this year's New Year's Eve extra special for your family. It's such a fun night to get together with friends and family, so we hope that at least one of these ideas will work for your family! If nothing else, just remember that it doesn't have to be fancy: the most important thing is simply being together and having fun—and hopefully enjoying lots of treats along the way!