10 Ways to Have an Elegant Winter Wedding

Is there anything more enchanting than a winter wedding? The lovely table decorations, candles, lanterns, and winter florals can add warmth and charm to even the frostiest days.

 A winter wedding can be incredibly beautiful and spectacular. Here is everything you need to have the most amazing winter wedding party. Here are 10 of our top ideas for winter weddings.

1. Selecting a Venue

Select a venue for your wedding that can be quickly warmed up before guests arrive. If you have an outdoor wedding, think of a place that will provide guests shelter from the cold. Selecting a reception venue with a fireplace is a lovely, cozy touch.

It might be a brilliant idea to hold the ceremony and reception in the same spot for a winter wedding so that if the weather gets bad, it will be easy for people to move from the ceremony to the reception site. 

2. Consider an Earlier Wedding Time

The days grow shorter in the winter, and the light at your wedding will fade by mid-afternoon. However, starting the ceremony earlier, you can still get the confetti shot as you exit. You can also have time for your group photos, and there's a better chance of getting wedding pictures with a breathtaking sunset as the backdrop. So make the most of daylight as the soft sunlight is perfect for taking gorgeous couple photos. 

3. You Don't Need a Backdrop for Pictures

Since snow takes care of most of your decorating, you won't need as much for your pictures. In addition, snow will provide a mesmerizing backdrop for your pictures, especially if your event will take place outdoors. Therefore, decorating decorations takes less time, and taking them down after the wedding takes less time.

4. Add Winter Flowers to Your Decor

Flowers are one of the main components that significantly impact your wedding theme, ranging from berry reds to winter whites. Some couples are concerned that if they decide to get married in the winter, they won't be able to find their favorite flowers.

Dahlias, poppies, tulips, anemones, hydrangeas, and daffodils are among the most beautiful flowers, and they all bloom in winter. Additionally, they create the most exquisite centerpieces and flowers. The bride can also use these flowers in her bouquet.

Dried flowers are also appropriate for a wintry celebration because of their durability. Although dried flowers are frequently utilized in the ceremony arch, hanging installations, and place settings, they also make excellent boutonnieres.

5. Lights

Is it just us, or does everything seem more magical with fairy lights? A string of sparkling twinkling lights can help set the mood for your wedding, whether inside or outside.

Adding candles or twinkling lights to your wedding venue can make the atmosphere warm and cozy for your guests. Think about hanging lights from the ceiling, putting them into the tablescape, or creating a grand canopy at the reception.

6. Table Décor

If you are worried that planning a gorgeous wedding reception during the winter will be difficult. You don't need to be. While some flowers may not bloom in the colder months, there are still ways to include lovely flowers in your table décor available all year long. These include tulips, roses, dahlias, poppies, daffodils, and other flowers.

Besides these table decorations, you can also incorporate additional organic elements into your décors, such as pine cones, berries, and evergreen sprigs. Cactus is trending at the moment if you haven't heard of it. To add interest and a little spunk to your table, add cactus as your centerpiece.

The most important thing after choosing your centerpiece is your dinnerware. The color of your dinnerware makes a huge difference to your table, and it can change the look of your table. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that dinnerware can make or break your table.

For a smooth and trouble-free party, we suggest using disposable partyware for weddings as it is easier to handle and also available in various designs and colors. 

If you don't know where to buy plastic wedding dinnerware, you can buy it from The Kaya Collection. They deal in all kinds of elegant disposable plates for weddings and disposable wedding flatware sets. It's better to choose white, silver, or blue tableware to pull together an elegant winter wedding reception. Make sure that the color of your table linens also goes well with the theme of your table.   

Your reception table not only provides an opportunity to interact with your guests but also gives you a chance to show the mouthwatering flavors of the winter season. Winter weddings provide unique challenges because of the chilly weather outside and the need to keep guests warm and comfortable inside.

Your menu is one of the best ways to help your guests survive the cold by offering warmth and comfort. There are numerous ways to incorporate the season into your cuisine, from appetizers to entrées including creamy soup served in bread bowls, roasted chicken with coriander, salmon, fried goat cheese balls, stuffed mushrooms, roasted carrots, pizza, beef skewers, salad topped with orange slices.

7. Incorporate Branches

Branches will give your reception area a rustic-chic feel when combined with greenery wreaths, fairy lights, artificial snow, and pine cones. Twigs can be an exquisite addition when designing your table setting and placed in flower arrangements or vases.

By incorporating twigs into your centerpiece, you can pay homage to nature without walking outside.

8. Embrace a Winter Palette

Nothing is as enchanted as a winter wonderland theme that draws inspiration from a seasonal color scheme. Ice blue, frosty white, and silver are the perfect winter colors. By adding modern acrylic chairs, white-flowered trees, and fake snow to your venue, you can create a chilly atmosphere. Include evergreen elements in the table setting, blue napkins, and silver place cards to add a splash of color.

9. Candles

It is no secret that candles give off an air of romanticism and calmness wherever they are used. So it's time to use them to turn your simple wedding venue into an enchanting one. Candles add beauty and elegance to any wedding or event. So it's not surprising that many couples choose them as their go-to décor.

Candles can be used to enhance every aspect of your event, whether you place them in front of your altar, line the aisle, or even place them above the reception tables. For example, a wedding aisle lined up with all kinds of candles looks breathtakingly beautiful.

10. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns are the best option for a winter rustic wedding decor. Winter wedding lanterns are amazing since almost anything can be placed inside them, including pine cones, flowers, candles, and light. They can also be used as centerpieces.