10 Ways to Host an Elegant Barn Wedding

Nothing beats nature for adding mystery, wonder, romance, and excitement to a gathering. Organizing your big day in front of a beautiful farm is an excellent opportunity for you to incorporate rustic themes into your wedding.

You don't have to skip the sparkle and elegance of your big day just because you're having a barn wedding. Instead, you can implement many strategies to upgrade your barn wedding and add exquisite details to create an elegant wedding celebration that looks more like the weddings in Hollywood movies. 

But you don't need to panic. From integrating some lovely flowers on the tables in fancy disposable plates to highlighting the season's colors, we've compiled a list of suggestions to explore while planning your own farm wedding.

1. The Secret Behind Choosing a Barn For Your Big Day!

The pleasant venue evokes nostalgia and lets couples elegantly appreciate the natural beauty. In addition, barns provide a versatile environment that couples can customize to their liking.

A location near farms or a barn venue could be the right choice if you're tired of printed wallpapers and carpeting in most of the standard places. 

Tip: If pests are a concern, keep a small bottle of bug repellent in the restroom to save everyone from a lot of annoyance. 

2. Beauty is in the Little Details!

Create a fantastic backdrop for artistic interior décor; curtains, hangings, lighting, and foliage can all be utilized to create an exquisite mood without being overblown.

Tiny decorative jars blend perfectly into the ambiance of a barn wedding.

Jars' decorative purposes are already well-known, so use a few of them to give your ceremony decorations a personalized feel. 

Jars can be used for everything from giving an illuminating touch to serving drinks, so the possibilities are unlimited.

3. Consider Picking a Minimalist Menu

While adopting a minimalist strategy to your meals, consider traditional barn design features such as vintage tableware, bare wood, disposable party plates, and lovely petals. You might have heard about the 'less is more mindset. This makes your style and decoration selections stand out and give you the sensation of a modern barn wedding.

You can opt for the following meals:

  • Roasted meat
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Steaks
  • Cornbread and salads
  • Green beans as toppers

Serving seasonal foods on elegant disposable plates would be a glamorous addition to the minimalist food items.

4. The Crucial Budget Planning

Setting aside the extra budget, especially for the barn weddings, is mandatory. Tables, furniture, crockery, and other miscellaneous items will cost you additional charges. But you need to consider the extra expenses of the lighting, generators, water filters, drinks and food tents, and other maintenance services of the barn. 

You also have to ensure the barn is insured before opening it to the public. Moreover, your hired DJs, caterer, and other fun activities will require access to electricity. 

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5. Keep Your Guests Informed

Creating a google form for knowing what your guests expect from you can help you understand their preferences and be everyone's favorite host. 

You can describe the details of your events on your website, including the dress code, main theme, anticipated weather, and other essentials. 

Leave a room for your guests' choices and thoughts as well. They will feel more at ease with your wedding ceremony if you express yourself more clearly.

6. Be Confident in Adding Colors To Your Event!

Hosting a wedding at barns gives you the chance to accessorize your event against a woody setting with vivid colors, exquisite accents, soft textures, a beautiful table centerpiece, and a lovely Tablescape.

Use different color combos, like black and white, pink, or purple, white, and pink, to brighten up some extra dull spaces.

7. Flowers Add Life To Your Décor

A wedding is the most joyous occasion in a couple's life. Let you and your guests feel something exceptional is happening through the elegant décor, and Wedding décor is incomplete without the addition of lovely flowers. Create a stunning table centerpiece or Tablescape with pretty flowers.

Use a variety of flowers, like, Daisy, Carnation, Rose, Calla Lily, and the most beautiful Orchids.

8. The Lip-smacking Cocktails and Mocktails

Wedding receptions are a time to rejoice. So many people gather to celebrate with food, music, entertainment, and some beverages. Pick a tasteful drink that will appeal to the majority of your guests.

Choosing mocktails as a substitute for regular cocktails is a fun way to serve drinks at your event. You have many options to consider, such as Berry Lemonade, Delightful Purple Punch, Rainbow Icebergs, Classic Cherry Lemonade, and other drinks you prefer.

9. A Traditional Wedding Cake

Why not embrace the non-traditional nature of a barn wedding? 

Some minimal wedding cakes are becoming a standard option to break the pattern while still ensuring that the wedding cake fulfills its conventional purpose.

Naked wedding cakes go great with barn weddings because of their rustic feel. You can put it on the dining table as the centerpiece to make it look more attractive.

10. Have Some Fun- Think Out of The Box!

Last but not least, no one enjoys parties without fun or entertainment.

So, the cheerful spirits are high, the food and drinks are on point, and the decoration is extraordinary...Think about what else the guests might expect! 

Of course, some fun!

You can have a separate space for music competitions or set up a dance floor. Have it prepared by the caterers or carpenters, or do it on your own, with the help of some family and friends.

You can also arrange other activities for the children, like dodge the ball, musical chairs competitions, etc.

We have left some room for adding your creativity and ideas to this barn wedding guide. To escape the ordinary and make your wedding day a special one!