15 Hot Summer Party Themes

Summers give you all the reasons to throw a party - the weather is clear, the kids are at home - it's perfect!

Summer parties become even more entertaining if they have a theme. I mean - wearing costumes, playing games, cosplaying your favorite movie characters, decorating your home - there is much to do.

Following are 15 hot summer party themes that will make you want to party hard.

1. Beach Theme

When taking your summer party outdoors, the beach is the perfect spot. You can merge the Luau theme with it and get in the tropical spirit.

Serve finger foods and colorful citrus fruits. Take with you a drinks basket full of ice to keep your beverages cool longer.

Get in your bathing suit and get that gorgeous tan!

2. Summer Cookout Theme

Food is one of the best parts of summer. Host a cookout in your backyard and prepare grilled chicken, sausages, skewers, or grilled potatoes.

Create a relaxing ambiance using string and LED lights.

Bubbly drinks taste perfect with these meals. Serve sparkling mocktails such as mojito, margarita, strawberry lemonade, peach punch, or pomegranate martini. If you are hosting an outdoor cookout, fill a beverage dispenser so everyone can fetch cocktails themself.

3. Dessert Party

Satisfy everyone's sweet cravings with an epic dessert party. Make dessert shooters with Oreos, chocolate, Nutella, or cream cheese. To serve them elegantly, use disposable mini partyware.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

If you are always extra with your celebrations, the Pirates of the Caribbean theme is for you. The kids and the adults are going to love it.

Decorate the table using pirate skeletons, fake swords, and candles. You can also serve a pirates cake.

Costumes, Captain Jack Sparrow posters, swords, skull decor, Pirates of the Caribbean theme song - your living room is a pirate ship.

5. Movie Night

Backyard movie nights are cozy and entertaining. You get to eat popcorn and watch a movie with your buddies.

Make popcorns in different flavors; caramel, honey, salted, savory, or chocolate. Serve cocktails along with finger foods.

Create a comfortable ambiance using soft blankets, fluffy cushions, and hanging LED lights. Install an epic sound system for a cinema-like experience.

6. Pancake Brunch

Pancakes are the best type of breakfast! This theme is perfect for a brunch party.

There are many variations of pancakes - oatmeal pancakes, cinnamon pancakes, banana pancakes, strawberry pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, chocolate pancakes, and more.

Serve the pancakes with strawberry sauce, dry fruits, banana slices, chocolate chips, maple syrup, strawberries, blueberries, black tea, coffee, and smoothie.

7. Donut Theme

A donut theme is a good option for a birthday party.

For a birthday table, stack donuts on a cake stand and stick cake toppers in them.

For a summer brunch, craft a donut wall. You can also put plain donuts on the tables and put the different toppings alongside. Then, the guests will decorate their donuts themselves.

You can also build a smoothie bar and make your guests fresh smoothies.

8. Girls Night In

Why go out when you can host an entertaining night while staying in your pajamas? Instead, call your girls over and have a fun night together.

You can perform activities like spa, baking cupcakes, giving each other a head massage, making organic skincare masks, or watching a movie. You can also host a wine glass painting party.

9. Bright Colors Theme

Summer colors are the true definition of 'bold and beautiful.' Think of magenta, teal, deep pink, red, and citrus colors.

Set up a vibrant party table with a basket full of lemons, limes, apples, and oranges. Adorn the basket with sunflowers, poppy flowers, and straw flowers. Serve colorful foods and drinks such as rainbow salad, rainbow cheesecake, vegetable pasta, watermelon spritz, mango squash, and peach mocktail.

10. Refreshing Mocktails Theme

Beat the heat with a refreshing mocktail theme. Fill up the drink dispensers with chilled mocktails like the mint margarita, mojito, Sherley temple, blue lagoon, Blue Hawaiian mocktail, or strawberry lemonade.

You can also set up a little bar to serve your guests like a pro. It's a kid-friendly theme, and everyone can enjoy it.

11. Coffee-Themed Party

The coffee theme is easy to pull off and is perfect for brunch or an afternoon garden party.

Set up a coffee table with coffee and food. It is better to include varieties in coffee - mocha, caramel macchiato, iced latte, or black coffee. Serve cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and kebabs along with the coffee.

You can also print out a Starbucks poster for the wall.

12. Fairy Lights Theme

Take your fairy lights-themed party outdoors. Make an over-the-head array of string lights to cover up your backyard. The guests would have an unforgettable experience of dining under the lights.

For an indoor party, install fairy lights on the drapes. Then, hang white organza curtains and make rows of fairy lights. You can also put foliage on top of the curtains; it would be a perfect backdrop for photography.

Summer Themes for Kids

When the kids are home, they ask for a party. And it becomes difficult for the parent to decide on a theme. But, they are entertaining, and you can easily pull them off.

Here are three themes that your kids would love.

13. Dinosaur Theme

Dinosaurs fascinate the kids, so hosting a dino-themed party would be the right thing to do. Make them dinosaur costumes and fill your house with dinosaur balloons.

Decorate the table with palm leaf-patterned tablecloth and tropical leaves. Customize the bowls and cups by painting dinosaurs on them.

14. Baby Shark Theme

The baby shark theme never gets old and is perfect for pre-schoolers. Get baby shark hats, shark party decorations, shark-patterned mini disposable plates, and disposable mini bowls.

Take your baby shark-themed party to the next level with baby shark costumes.

15. Toy Story Theme

We grew up watching Toy Story, and now the kids are watching it too. So host a Toy Story party at your home and give the kids and the adults an epic experience.

For a kids' party, the tables should also look cute. Adorn them with plastic mini partyware, which is an adorable collection of ours. Of course, the adults would also love eating from a mini plate. Head to The Kaya Collection's website for the cutest mini-party supplies.