5 Best December Party Themes

It's now time to enjoy December! Start off the end of the year with a celebration to remember. Organizing a December party demands a lot of planning and attention. Giving your loved ones a day to remember is considerably harder during the cold days of December.

December also brings Christmas, allowing you to incorporate some holiday themes into your decor. In addition, we have brought you the best party themes if you want to host a fantastic December party and need more ideas.

1. Bonfire Night Themed Party

What could be better than sitting around the fire with your favorite people? You can host a bonfire party in your garden and invite your friends.

For your seating arrangement, if you want, you can skip the furniture and add cushions to make your guests feel comfortable. As soon as your guests arrive, provide them with blankets to keep them warm.

Offering some cups of hot chocolate or coffee is a beautiful idea to ensure that your guests are warm and cozy and enjoying the December party to their fullest. To add some twist to your party, how about setting up an outdoor movie theater to keep the party going all night?  

You can also sing songs and play games by the fire for entertainment. Let's not forget about the food, of course! You can roast hot dogs and chicken on the fire and serve your guests.

Since you have an outdoor party, you can use disposable eco cutlery to save yourself from the difficulty of dealing with such a huge mess after the party. All you need to do is to throw the eco-friendly party supplies in a bin.

2. One Dish Theme Party 

Winter is all about cooking delicious dishes to keep your guests warm. There are so many dishes you can cook for your guests. So this December, focus your party theme around cooking and invite your guests.

If you want to lift the burden off your shoulders, you can throw a one-dish December party where all your guests can bring something (starter, entrée, or dessert) to eat, and you can serve all the dishes.

All you need to do is set up your winter table and decorate it beautifully to attract your guests. In addition to decoration, the kind of dinnerware set you choose can affect the overall appearance of your table in pulling off a fantastic winter look. So, make sure you choose white or blue plates and bowls, as they are the perfect winter colors.

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3. Winter Wonderland Theme Party

A December party is an excellent opportunity to add some coldness to your life. This December, it's time to give your guests some winter vibes so they have the best time of their life at your place. How about turning your entire house into a winter wonderland? Super impressive, right?

Try to make every corner of your house white so that it looks as if everything has been covered with snow. For example, you can use white sheets covering your furniture and white tablecloths for your dinner table.

A winter party is incomplete without a snowman, so it's definitely something you can't miss out on. But, of course, it depends on your preference whether you want to use your creativity and build your own snowman from real snow or cotton or if you want to buy it from the market.

When decorating your dinner table, you have a wide range of options to transform it into a winter wonderland. Start off by covering your table with a white tablecloth. Next, bring some twigs and ferns from your garden or backyard and paint them white to make beautiful centerpieces for your table. Finally, paint faux acorns and pines white to enhance this lovely winter theme and decorate them on your table.

4. Pajama-Themed Party

If you are not in the mood to wear fancy dresses, don't worry because winter is the best time to throw a pajama party. But, of course, nobody wants to get out of their cozy pajamas and join friends for a party when it's freezing.

With a pajama party, your guests can be comfortable in their pajamas and have a fantastic time at your place. Pajama parties don't need much decoration. The pajamas and robes already set the mood for your winter party.

You can hang balloons and banners to add decorations to the area and make it feel lively. Make sure you have plenty of big blankets and cushions for your guests to cozy up in.

All you need to do is to get your favorite snacks, drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie together. Then, you can set up your buffet table about an hour before your guests come. Add tablecloths, disposable plates, bowls, and a few whimsical accents to the buffet table to make it look unique. 

5. DIY Ugly Sweater Themed Party

This December, throw an ugly sweater party. But, instead of sending your guests to search for the ugliest sweaters, why not create some masterpieces together? 

Ask your guests to wear their plain and solid-colored sweaters and request them to bring decorating materials like pom-poms, tinsel, buttons, felt, random plastic toys, dolls, patches, pins, and whatever else they can to attach to a DIY festive sweater. Make sure you have sewing supplies, glue, an ironing board, and iron to help your guests decorate their ugly sweaters.

Of course, you want only some of the sweaters taking up space in your closet, so your guests can take their ugly sweaters home with them. Then, you can set up a runway and give each guest a chance to show their ugly sweaters and vote for the ugly sweater winner.