5 Non-Traditional Wedding Color Combination

The highlight of your big-day decorations will be your wedding colors. The wedding color scheme you choose will help direct the visual elements of your day and ensure that everything looks on the theme and is connected.

As such, choosing your colors should be one of the first décor-related decisions you make, inspired by your personal preferences and your event's theme and location.

When creating a beautiful palette, it's essential to keep in mind that not all color combinations go well together. Here's a good rule of thumb: Select one or two primary colors to serve as the focal point, followed by one or two secondary colors (one of which should be neutral to blend the focal colors effortlessly).

Lastly, select a bright secondary color that you'll use sparingly throughout the event, such as a metal like silver or gold. Timely color selection also allows you to develop a distinctive and intriguing color palette. At the moment, unusual color schemes that work for weddings are trendy. 

We're here to help, and in this blog, you'll find a variety of wedding color suggestions that are ideal for you.

Jewel Tones-Perfect For a Royal Wedding!

This is your theme if you want a genuinely exquisite wedding that works in every season and practically anywhere. Vibrantly saturated hues known as jewel tones include violet, lemon yellow, sapphire blue, blood red, magenta, amethyst, and mint green.

They are named after gemstones. Given its timeless elegance and subtle beauty, there is a reason why this popular jewel-toned bridal color scheme has been a wedding favorite for so long. This theme can help couples planning a black-tie event create a wedding that embodies refinement.

Unique wedding colors for winter and must include jewel tones. These chilly months go well with vibrant hues that bring romance to the limelight. You are dressed in jewel tones and prepared for a wedding at a farm or palace.

Magenta, Pink, Mint, and Coral-All Natural

These unusual colors have a warm, natural vibe that is perfect for a wedding. This color scheme is ideal for rustic weddings with a whimsical atmosphere. In addition, they make lovely summer wedding colors for outdoor, indoor, or farm settings.

Mint is vibrant, pink is lovely, coral is tranquil, and magenta is pleasant. Together, these four hues create a cheery and joyful ambiance.

Put the men in coral suits with either magenta or mint ties and a boutonniere. Create colored mint stationery. Keep flooding the reception tables with coral china, mint-colored tablecloths, disposable wedding tableware setsglass centerpieces, and champagne. 

Vases should be filled with mint, potted flowers, and vivid pink sunflowers. Add floating candles to the ensemble to draw attention, and place some plastic tableware sets for weddings on your dining tables.

Some Monochrome Hues For Classic Touch-up!

Arrangement in gradient monochrome and one color that works throughout the year seems perfect for effortless wedding decor. This shade is ideal for a woodsy-themed wedding in a lakeside area.

Simple colors that move in the exact directions along the color wheel are called gradient monochromatic. It is also referred to as ombre, making us feel wistful and adventurous. By experimenting with shades, you can make your entire color pallet out of one color.

Your table settings, tablecloths, cakes, disposable tableware for weddings, and centerpiece all must be in a monochromatic tone. Add some foliage to the bouquet and floral arrangements to have an additional splash of color. You may add monochromatic gradient hues to your salads, parfaits, and snacks. 

YELLOW Keeps You Going!

Yellow color schemes radiate a festive vibe. Pretty wedding colors with a bold, attractive aura are yellow and crimson. Don't we all want that, after all? Decor that contributes to the welcoming atmosphere. Most bright colors and undertones pair well with yellow. So feel free to use yellow to make a statement.

The happy color combination of yellow and white is ideal for a spring wedding. Bright spring wedding elements include a white and yellow wedding cake, lemon-themed décor, elegant disposable tableware for weddings, yellow bridesmaid gowns, and a white wedding gown.

Mixing several colors of yellow is one of the secrets to using it in your wedding in a classy way. Bright and brown yellows combined with white flowers and greenery in the bouquet look fascinating. 

Gold and Navy Blue-The Perfect Combo!

We adore how the addition of gold balances out the warm pink, bold blue, and formal navy. This color scheme would be ideal for a vintage-themed full-blown cruise wedding. This combo is timeless and appropriate for all four seasons of the year.

You'll create an air of elegance and romanticism with this unique wedding color scheme. Smart use of gold will offer guests a sense of luxury.

Use navy as a foundation absorber before adding the bold blue, glittering gold, and soft blush. Pick blue bridesmaid gowns and navy suits with blush or gold ties. Create boutonnières, bouquets, and corsages bound together with blue ribbons and blush, navy, and gold accents.

Buy some colorful tableware for weddings and make your food look more appealing.

Tips and Tricks To Pick Your Wedding Color Combination!

Get motivated by your surroundings. Location comes first. It's a brilliant idea to start your venue search with an idea of your wedding's color scheme. Consider the colors you want to employ and determine whether you would focus on obtaining the ideal location or having your perfect color scheme.

Consider the seasons. Your wedding colors can (and should) represent the season you're getting married, much like your everyday attire. The key is how you dress them; it is not to argue that you can only use particular colors during particular seasons. 

If pink is your favorite color for your wedding, a gentle rosy variation is appropriate for spring, while vibrant coral is a must-have for summer weddings.

The most popular wedding colors have changed numerous times, just like flowers, clothing, and other wedding trends, even during the pandemic. However, metallic gold was the most preferred wedding color in 2021.

And now, according to the research, Green, peach, and pink are among the most significant wedding color trends for 2022.