5 Simple Halloween Decoration Ideas

Let's talk real! We all love Halloween, but there's one thing we hate - spending hours completing a spooky decoration. And honestly, most of the DIY videos are either too complicated or use so many supplies that it makes the decorations more costly than the store-bought ones.

We have gathered 5 simple yet scary Halloween decorations that anyone can make. Making them is so fun, and they look perfect in the end.

1. Hanging White Ghost

Talk about a ghostly figure that can scare anyone and is so easy to make! A white-colored ghost hanging from your ceiling is all you need to scare your guests.


  • Cheesecloth (5-6 large pieces)
  • White glue (300 ml)
  • Water (500 ml)
  • Balloon stands (3)
  • Balloons (3)
  • Rope
  • Black chart paper
  • White chart paper


  • Large serving bowl
  • Spoon
  • Hole puncher


1. Blow air in three balloons - make two balloons smaller than the third and put them on balloon stands. Arrange them together so that the large balloon is in the center and the smaller ones are on its left and right sides.

2. Mix glue and water in a large serving bowl with the help of a spoon. Dip the cheesecloths in this bowl, so the glue covers all the clothes.

3. Take one cloth from the glue and put it on the balloon stand. Take another layer of cloth and place it on the previous cheesecloth. 

Repeat the process until 5-6 layers of cheesecloths cover the balloons. It will start to look something like a ghost. Leave it overnight to dry.

4. While the cheesecloths are drying, mark eyes on black chart paper and cut them out. Cut smaller ones from the white chart. Glue the white pieces onto the black ones.

5. Once the cheesecloths dry, paste the eyes on the ghost's face and punch a hole in its head. Pass a rope through this slit and tie a knot on its end to stay in place. Use this rope to hang the ghost from the ceiling.

2. DIY Halloween Planters

Your house plants don't live up to the criteria of Halloween - you need something extra to make your house haunted. But you can make your own spooky planters with some time and effort. Here's what you'll need:


  • Plant pot (1)
  • Fake foliage with flowers
  • Metallic colors
  • Black spray paint
  • Foam sheet
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue

Spray the foliage and flowers in black color and let them dry. Spray paint dries out real quick, so that's not a problem. Next, place a foam sheet in the plant pot and stick the colored foliage.

Paint the flowers and leaves with metallic colors just the way you want. Then, choose dark colors like a mixture of blood red, purple, and a touch of emerald green to create a mysterious effect.

After some final touches, decorate them with spooky eyes or spider webs. You can also put skeleton butterflies on the flowers.

3. Spooky Butterflies

To further decorate your DIY haunted plants, make spooky butterflies for the flowers. They are tiny detail, but everyone will appreciate them when they see them. Moreover, they are the simplest DIY project for a terrifying Halloween party.


  • Fake butterflies
  • Glue
  • Very tiny skeletons
  • Scissors

Start by cutting the fake butterflies from the center so that you have two pieces of each butterfly. Note that you only need the wing part and not the body part.

Take the tiny skeleton and paste the two pieces to the left and right sides of the skeleton. Let them dry and attach them to your previously-made Halloween planters.

4. Front Door Decor

The entrance of your house also deserves spookiness. So decorate it with spooky elements like pumpkin garland, hanging bats, spider webs, and skeletons.

Hanging Bats:

They are super easy to make and cost you so less. You'll need the following items to make them:

  • black chart paper
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • strings
  • pencil

Draw bats of your preferred size on chart paper and cut them out. Punch two holes on the top left and right sides to pass the string. Hang them on your front door.

Spider Webs:

One of the essentials of Halloween is spider webs. You can make them by threading melted glue from a glue gun or getting super stretched spider webs from a dollar store.

Cut a super stretch spider web at the desired length and stretch it from its ends. Place the spider webs where you want (on your front door or over the fence). Secure them in place by tightening them on thumb stacks.

Stretch the spider web from its corners until it has the perfect shape. Place spiders throughout the spider web for a realistic effect. While you can make spiders by yourself, it's better to get them from your nearby store for convenience.

Front Door Wreath:

Wreaths have always been a part of festive decorations. But, if you have a wreath from a previous party, think no more and transform it into the spooky decor. You can make one with deco mesh or by spray painting an old wreath in black color.

5. Customize the Dinnerware

There's no way you can have boring tableware on Halloween. So get the supplies and show your creative skills by decorating some plastic serving tableware.

Carefully draw a spiderweb on a plate or tray using a sharpie marker, then microwave it for a minute once it's dry. That way, the color won't come off quickly.

Our disposable serving ware is safe to eat. However, if you're concerned about the health safety of sharpie markers, don't worry! Instead, get a food-safe, acrylic top-coat gloss spray to cover the disposable serving trays. If you want, you can put a couple of layers of this protective spray over the dishes for extra protection.

Moreover, if you're planning a sustainable party, get our eco-friendly serving ware that's 100% biodegradable and equally elegant. Similarly, our plastic serving bowls are recyclable, so you can dump them in a recycle bin and finish the cleanup - it's that simple!

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