6 Lovely Wedding Ideas for an Intimate Affair

Hosting an intimate wedding is the next level to enjoying the big day of your life at its peak. It's a perfect way for the couple to see the event and its specialty without being judged by a crowd. 

When you host an intimate wedding and invite very close people, you aren't just saving a lot of money but automatically personalizing your wedding. The sky's the limit for the decoration and everything you dreamt about your wedding. 

Since there wouldn't be a large crowd at your wedding, you won't have to stick to the traditions for the wedding that you don't like. Instead, you can do it as you wish, and that's how you can create epic wedding memories for the rest of your life with a few people. 

If you are planning to host an intimate wedding, here are 6 ways you can think of while planning your wedding. 

1 - Backyard Wedding Idea

If you are planning to have a small wedding, your backyard can be an epic wedding venue. Backyard weddings have become the ultimate venue for functions and parties. Whether it's a casual get-together party or an intimate wedding event, the advent of Covid-19 made it possible. 

The backyard wedding is a perfect idea if your budget is restricted. It won't just save a significant chunk of your wedding budget, but you can plan everything according to your own wish. You make your wedding event personalized quite quickly and effectively. 

Plan your wedding in a backyard in the afternoon in the fall or at night time in the summers. Create a grand entry, have fountains decorated with lights, and decorate the tables with florals, greenery, and some DIY items to add a personalized touch to your wedding. 

Create DIY projects to give your wedding a personalized touch. Like, there are plenty of creative ideas to decorate the glasses and use them as decorative pieces. Use fancy plastic wine glasses to create epic decor pieces. The disposable wine glasses are pretty inexpensive, so you won't have to be worried while throwing them after the wedding event is over. 

2- Destination Wedding

When planning to avoid hosting a large crowd at your wedding, a destination is a perfect way to do so. For most, a destination wedding is a dream. And, it can be easily fulfilled if you are planning a small wedding. 

A destination wedding is like two benefits on one ticket. First, you won't be exploring new places and the culture, but also getting married to your particular person. 

Plan a destination wedding, take your friends and family and spend a week or a month exploring the world. This is also a perfect excuse to avoid inviting 100+ guests to your wedding. 

3 - Macro Brunch Wedding

If you are planning to have a macro wedding with a unique thing, a brunch wedding is a perfect idea to implement. Most weddings occur in the nighttime when dinner is served at night, and the marriage takes place in the morning. 

You can arrange a lovely brunch in an enchanting garden at your home or in a fancy restaurant and get married in an intimate venue. Then, serve the delicious dishes on the menu that'll set the mood and the table. 

It's a perfect idea to start off your day, and after tying a knot, you can directly fly for the honeymoon trip or do something else that excites both of you. 

4 - National Park Wedding 

We have discussed all the standard wedding ideas that anyone could think of. But what about tying a knot in the national park? It's an epic idea for the couple who like nature and especially likes the mountains, terrains or maybe a waterfall. 

Just shape a short list of guests, plan a trip to the national park, and get married there. First, you will get married at one of the most pleasant places. Later, you can serve the guest snacks, bitesize food, and a beverage - just like you are having a picnic party. 

You won't have to do much about the place's decorations and aesthetics. Nature would do it for you. Don't forget to take the disposable serving ware to serve the guests. 

Get disposable plastic wine glasses at "The Kaya Collection." You won't have to be worried about breaking them on your way. They are perfectly durable and sturdier. We have various disposable wine glasses in different designs and styles. 

5 - Make a large venue into a Macro one

If you like a venue that's for a large crowd, don't get stressed about it. You can transform it to make it an intimate venue for your wedding, and it won't take a lot of effort. 

Hang the drapes and flowers from the ceilings to make it a small room. The drapes will absorb the sound, so when anyone talks, there isn't an echo bothering you. 

Use the flowers matching your wedding color scheme.

Light up candles to bring warmness in color, which will make the venue intimate. Add textures and colors to make it even more mesmerizing. Create a focal point of the venue, like setting up the dance floor or a romantic table setup. 

6 - Lounge Area

An intimate wedding means an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and can interact. So what other way besides the lounge area could be the perfect way to do it? All you have to do is to move furniture to the spot. 

Arrange the furniture in such a way that'll create a cozy atmosphere for everyone, and it's easier for everyone to gossip. You can have it indoors as well as outdoors too. Make an addition to the settings. If you are going to do it in the lounge area, be sure to add the bonfire. 

Moreover, subtle lighting in the surroundings and maybe a few candles, and the white drapes will create a perfect venue for you to have an intimate wedding setup.