6 Reasons to Use Mismatched Dinnerware in Your Wedding

You’re arranging an epic party; all the decorations are set, and you’ve made tasty and delicious dishes to serve on the menu, but what about the plates you’ll serve them on? Should they be traditional white ones? Do they coordinate with your party theme, or should they be mismatched to create a unique place setting for each guest?

A lot goes on when setting up an elegant tablescape for your party or any upscale event. However, the plates play a significant role in setting up the mood and tone of your tablescape. 

Regarding the plates, you might have some pieces you think you can’t use anymore for any upscale event. However, now can you read this blog, as we’ll be sharing seven reasons to use mismatched dinnerware in your wedding. 

1. Broken Dishes Aren’t Useless Anymore

When your kids break a dish from your finest collection, you don’t have to throw it out in the trash, thinking it wouldn’t be helpful for any upscale table settings. However, you don’t have to find the exact match to that plat set to complete the set. 

You can use plat from the broken set for the upscale tablescape settings by mismatching it with the white one. The white plates are easily available, and you can easily mismatch the fancy SWQplates from any broken plate collection. 

2. Half Decor Is Done

When you bring the different beauties using the other color scheme plates, they don’t make your table stand out in the scene, but your half decor is automatically done. So you don’t have to do much about the decoration part of your tablescape. 

When placing the different patterns and designs on the table’s top, they’re just the plates, but they are art pieces. The whole vibe of your table becomes so funky and mesmerizing, like you are sitting in an art museum. 

However, you must add colors if your plates aren’t vibrant enough. You can find different colorful and vibrant decorations to your tablescape by adding napkins, centerpieces, tablecloths, and other serving wares.

3. It’s Budget Friendly

Another important reason to use mismatched dinnerware is; that it’s a budget-friendly way to set up your wedding tablescape. If you have dishes from the broken set, you don’t need to buy the same thing to match them. Buying more plates means spending more money.

However, if you mismatch them with the different plate sets you have in stock, you can easily save some extra bucks that you can spend on the must-haves of the wedding. And that’s the way to have a budget-friendly wedding - adjusting the add-ons and prioritizing the must-haves. 

4. You’ve Less to Cleanup

When you have a bunch of white dishes in the stock, you have less to clean up frequently, which also refers to the less time you’ve spent cleaning up the dirty.

Investing in delicate white dishes is a great way to have less hassle of frequently cleaning up the plates. Also, the white dishes are inexpensive; stocking up on white dishes is not a problem. 

You can find it anywhere in any style and design. Moreover, you also go for the cheaper alternative of using fancy plastic dinnerware. Disposable plastic dinnerware sets come at a fraction cost, meaning you would save even more. 

Moreover, the disposable plate sets look exactly like the real ones, so your guests couldn’t spot a difference. Also, the disposable plate sets are supposed to be disposed of; you won’t have to bear the cleanup expense; you can simply get rid of them by throwing them in a trash bag.

If you want to buy plastic dinnerware sets bulk or disposable palm leaf dinnerware for weddings, or any upscale event, look no further than the Kaya Collection. We have a wide range of fancy plastic plate sets that are perfect for serving your royal guests on special occasions.

5. They Look Creative

We live in the ear, where the finest vintage and fine bone china is rarely used. So a wedding is perfect for showing them at the display and making things stand out uniquely in the scene. 

6. Unique Place Settings

When playing with the different mismatched dinnerware sets at your wedding table, you will likely set unique place settings for each guest. It looks gorgeous and creates a great impression on your guests. 

Setting up unique place settings for each guest makes them feel special and welcomed at the table and shows them that you care about them. It also delivers the message from your side to the guests that you have made some real effort to arrange everything for them. 

How to Beautify the Mismatched Dinnerware Sets?

Though using the mismatched dinnerware sets for setting the table is doing the half decor of your table, there would still be some detail required to complete the display. So here are some tips to help you beautify your mismatched table settings for your big day.

1. Napkins

The napkins aren’t pieces of cloth, and if you know how to use them, they can turn out to be art pieces. Using napkins for your table settings can enhance its look by adding vibrancy and funky napkins.

You can also mismatch the napkins. However, if you don’t have enough napkins to set up the table. Instead, use any fine-quality cloth of your choice, cut it in the square appropriately, and use them as the napkins for your tablescape. 

2. Play with the Formation

There’s a lot you can do, too, with the position of the serving ware on the tables. The drinkware, cups, and flatware can be placed elegantly by rearranging them. 

What type of formation would work perfectly for you depends on the table you are setting up. So keep rearranging them in different positions until you find their ultimate and perfect settings. 

3. Give it a Cohesive Look

Mismatching the dinnerware for your wedding table doesn’t mean using completely random colors and styles of plates. Instead, go with a mismatched dinner of similar colors that’ll give your table a uniform look.