6 Summer Party Themes for Your Next Party

The summer is all about parties and good food. Honestly, they are just what we’re looking for as soon as summer approaches. Plus, everybody is hosting parties which makes us wanna throw a party for our friends.

If you are considering hosting a summer party, there must be one thing stopping you. That is, deciding on a theme. We know how daunting it is to select a party theme and pull it off with decor, food, drinks, and attire.

What if we make that easy for you? We have gathered some of the best summer party theme ideas for you, along with the appropriate dress code, menu, and decor.

Summer Peach Party

It’s a peachy summer! A summer peach party has freshness, beautiful decor, and chilled peach drinks. Set up a peachy table using peaches and peach-colored flowers.

Peach Party Dress Code

There are no hard and fast rules for dressing up for a peach party. Set the dress code to peach color, and your guests can wear anything they want as long as it’s peach.

Make Peaches and Cream Cocktail

It’s a peach party - what drink can you make other than peaches and cream? It’s so refreshing and easy to prepare that you must add it to your peach party menu.

Peach Cobbler is a Must

How could we forget the delicious peach cobbler? It is made by cooking peach slices with sugar until the sugar dissolves in peach juice. This fruit puree is then covered with a cookie-like dough and baked. Naturally, it tastes best when it’s still warm.

1960’s Theme

Take your guests back to that era when flowers, rock music, skirts, and vibrant colors were in trend. All these trends make up for a perfect summer party theme.

Choose the Attire

60s attire was mostly skirts and bodycon dresses paired with long boots. Bell bottoms were popular among both men and women. You can wear something similar to that but in funky colors.

60s decor

Since this theme is quite popular, finding 60’s theme decor is not a big deal. You can easily find hanging peace signs, neon lights, colorful balloons, disco lights, 

Make sure to add elements of 1960s pop and rock music. You can also hang pictures of famous 60’s artists like Jimmy Hendrix or Aretha Franklin.

Entertain with 60s Music

We just talked about the popularity of rock and hip-hop in the 1960s. They are an integral part of a 60s-themed party. Disco lights with rock music can make anyone want to dance.

Bright Butterfly Theme

Shine bright this summer with a bright and bold butterfly-themed party. You can imagine what kind of a theme it would be - vibrant colors, charming decor, and fairy gowns - purely magical! 

Take your friends to the salon for butterfly nail art or host a butterfly-themed party at your home. Then, make the party impactful by releasing butterflies in a garden.

Butterfly Party Attire

Fairy gowns are often associated with a butterfly party. However, for a summer-perfect costume, you can wear a cotton gown.

Butterfly Decor

Make DIY chart paper butterflies and hang them on the wall. You can also make flower wreaths with butterflies on the sides. 

Decorate the table with a colorful butterfly cake and cookies. Place some taper candles on the table as well. Next, put colored flowers in a vase and place an artificial butterfly on top.

Butterfly Party Favors

Butterfly party favors are the most adorable. Make a butterfly gift box using chart paper and fill it with butterfly-shaped bracelets and hairpins. You can also get scrunchies with butterflies patterned on them.

Palm Leaf Theme

A tropical party is incomplete without palm leaves. They are a must for Hawaiian-themed parties because palm trees are native to Hawaii. Throw an epic Hawaii-inspired palm leaf party with palm leaf eco-friendly party supplies.

Leafy Backdrop

A palm leaf backdrop is perfect for an indoor palm leaf theme party. You can make it by yourself or get one online.

Palm Leaf Tableware

Your palm leaf party table needs palm leaf dinnerware - it’s obvious. So get this eco-friendly dinnerware set made of palm leaves.

Serve traditional Hawaiian foods like Laulau, Poi, and Manapua on eco-friendly plates. You can serve fruit and vegetable salads in palm leaf eco-friendly bowls. Complete the look with eco-friendly cutlery. These palm leaf eco-friendly dinnerware sets are available on The Kaya Collections’ website.

The plus point of hosting a palm leaf-themed party is that you get to host a sustainable party.

Hawaiian Dresses

Scream ‘Aloha’! Wear a shirt with ALOHA written on it, or a long dress with palm leaves printed all over. Aloha shirts have the most attractive prints making them perfect for a palm leaf-themed summer party.

Black-Light Glow Party

Install black lights in your house and get ready to give your guests a one-of-kind experience. Use whites and bright colors to decorate your home, and everything will glow.

How many black lights should you install? For a standard living room, where you are most likely throwing the party, 5-6 black lights would be enough. However, if you want to decorate the rest of the house, you can get three black lights for each room.

Choose the Attire

You must wear a color that glows under black lights. You can choose neon green, fluorescent green, shocking pink, white, orange, and bright yellow.

Make the Tables Glow

For the centerpiece, put camelia flowers in a bright-colored vase. This flower glows the brightest under black light. Get vibrant dinnerware to complete the glow of your tables.

Rave Music

No black light party is complete without some rave music. So put on some EDM and let your guests enjoy the party.

Fruit and Flower Party

Throw a refreshing fruit and flower party this summer with fruit and fresh flowers. It is a very diverse theme because you can do a lot of decor around flowers and fruits.

Floral Vase

Of course, you are making a flower vase. What else could you do for a fruit and flower party? Handpick fresh flowers from your garden and place them in a vintage vase.


While you can serve fruits as they are, we suggest you better not do this. Instead, you can make fruit and cheese kebabs, spicy fruit salad, fruit tarts, apple pie, strawberry shortcakes, or heavenly delicious lemon fruit parfaits. Of course, serve fruit juices and smoothies as well.