7 Awesome Graduation Party Ideas

Finally, the most awaited moment comes in your life for what you have been doing for years of hard work. It’s the best moment of life for one to finally successfully move ahead in life by completing graduation. 

Why not celebrate these memorable moments and turn them into another success story to tell your future kids? What else could be a better idea than celebrating it by throwing an epic graduation party? 

We know it requires a lot of effort and devotion to arrange a party, as you will have to take the proper decorations, refreshments, and games need to be taken into consideration.

We have curated a list of 10 awesome graduation party ideas, so your following graduation party ideas are full of creative decor and elegance. 

Hang Graduation Photo Wreath 

A graduation photo wreath is made as time travel and a decoration piece to rewind all the old memories. And, at a particular time, it can be used as a decoration for a backyard party. 

Plus, it’s a great way to let your friends explore these photos at the party and give them the excuse to laugh and cheer. 

To make one, all you need is some photos from when you were a kid to the day you graduated. But, of course, you also need graduation or anything that looks like it and other knick-knacks to decorate the wreath. 

Arrange the photos and a cap to form a circle like a wreath, then attach it to the old window or a door. This is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your party space and add a little personalized touch. 

Create a Chic Photo Booth

A photo booth is much needed at backyard parties because it’s essential to preserve the vibes and happiness. Also, your guests would need a place to take some memorable photos with you so they can post and tag you on Instagram. 

To make a photo booth, you can use a big blackboard or maybe a fabric and put it at a specific spot in your party space. Make sure the material is of good quality, so it shines out in the background when you are posing for the portraits. 

You can draw on the photo booth decoration using chalks or stick some tassels to the photo booth decoration. You only need to explore your imagination to elegantly decorate it and get a perfect photo booth project done. Ask your friends to help you decorate it with thoughtful and creative ideas. 

Make the Canoe Buffet Table

Foods are indispensable at any party; besides the scrumptious taste, a technique chosen to present the food uniquely needs to be considered. 

To present your food elegantly on the table, you’ll need a canoe and a tray that can be used to display the food. 

Before setting up the trays, make sure they have been cleaned already, and then lay sturdy planks lengthwise on the supports or seating plank of the canoe. You can use one or two buckets of flowers to make it prettier to finish it. 

The menu that can be set up on the buffet are; 

● A tiered cheese wheel. 

● Assorted sandwiches. 

● Porchetta. 

● Chicken & beef. 

● Roasted vegetables. 

● Seasonal vegetables and various dips. 

● Fresh fruit and mixed homemade pickles. 

The youngsters are always careless about keeping things clean, especially at parties. So, to speed the wind-up process, use disposable mini partyware like mini party plastic cups and disposable mini party plates.

Get all of these party supplies and more at the “The Kaya Collection” and throw parties without getting about the afterparty cleanup. 

Outdoor Games

Games at a party are also one of the essential things to have or do to add fun and entertainment elements. For example, one of the party games you can choose for the graduation party is a graduation cap tic tac toe game. 

To play this game, you need to prepare the square piece of fabric, duct tape, and graduation caps in two colors. And to play it, you need to place the material on the floor and create the checker shape using duct tape. 

Next, divide your guests into two different teams and assign them a graduation cap color. Then, each player from both teams turns to toss a cap, and the first team that connects the graduation cap wins it.

Make your Front Walk Appealing

Decorate your front walk appealing and let your guests know that they have arrived at the right venue. To follow this idea for your party decor, you can use paper plates with sticks. Then, choose your word like “Congratulations,” and write each letter of the word on the bottom of the leaves and simply attach them to the ground. 

Cap Mason Jar Project Idea

Impress your guests by using the gift wraps with the graduation cap mason jar. You need to prepare recycled scrapbook paper, a mason jar, duct tape, glue, and twine. 

First of all, cover the edge of the mason jar with a thin strip of black paper. Next, cut a square piece of paper and then tap it on the top of the pot. Now, cut the twin and apply the duct tape to the small yellow tassel made of paper. 

Roll the paper around the twine. And then, tape one end of the tassel to the top of the mason jar. Make sure the yellow paper end hangs over the edge of the mason jar. Now, cut the small circle out of the black paper and attach it to the top of the square black paper. 

Place Boards For FAQS

At your graduation party, you are likely to be asked by your guests about things like “what you are planning now after your graduation?” “What degree did you get?” or “ where should they go for the nature call?”. 

Facilitate your guests and answer their questions by putting boards. Use mini boards and decorate them with drawings, flowers, or anything that will make the display stand out at the party.