7 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

In honor of your father’s sacrifices and the constant support he has always shown you, give him a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day to bring a smile to his face. Yes, we can’t pay our fathers back because we can never compete with the level of compassion and love they have for us. But the least we can do is give him a gift out of love.

You really wanna give your dad a little something but can’t decide what to get him? We understood your problem and created a list of 7 ultimate gifts for Father’s Day that can bring a smile to your dad’s face.

Chocolates Glass

Take a plastic glass and fill it with your dad’s favorite chocolates or snacks along with a handwritten note for him. Then, wrap it with a plastic sheet and give it to him.

Spotify Picture Frame

Open Spotify and play your dad’s favorite song. Take a snapshot of the screen and crop out the top and bottom parts, leaving the song’s name and play button area behind. Print that out.

Put it in a photo frame below a picture of you and your dad. To better understand it, the image of you and your dad will replace the picture of the Spotify song’s artist. Wrap it and give it to your dad- he will love it.

Father’s Day Care Package

Prepare a care package for your father using a cardboard box. In an enormous container, put anything you think your dad needs daily. It could be a sports shirt, a pack of razors, a diary, a pen, a pair of slippers, a fishing rod, or a book your dad would love to read. You can also bake cookies, put them in a mason jar and pack them inside the care package and other items.

You can also give him a toolbox because what dad doesn’t use them on Sundays?

Decorated Bowls

Who knew you could use plasticware products to make excellent gifts for your dad? First, you need some large, serving plastic party bowls, a can of spray paint, and glitter to make a cute gift holder for your dad. Then, decorate the bowls with these supplies and put gifts inside them.

Set an Elegant Table for Him

Not a gift in itself, but your dad would love an elegant Father’s Day place setting for him. You can put the large bowl of gifts we just mentioned in the center of the table, and it would do the thing for you.

For the table, use your dad’s favorite colored disposable tableware. You can decorate this disposable plasticware using spray paint or acrylic paint and write something catchy on them. Then, get Kaya’s disposable plastic supplies for an elegant table setting. Our disposable plasticware has all the colors to choose from. Plus, they can be decorated for an entertaining Father’s Day activity.

DIY Father’s Day Cards

You don’t usually get the time to tell your dad how much you love and adore him. Handmade, handwritten cards are the best form of showing your father some love and expressing your thoughts to him. So here are some cards you can make for your dad to surprise him with your creativity and thoughtfulness.

1. You will need two pencils and colored paper for the first one. Cut two long strips of paper, wrap them around the pencils, and glue them. Cut any excess. Take another colored paper and write a Father’s Day note on it. Attach the pencils on the top and bottom ends so that it takes the shape of a king’s letter. Fold it from top to bottom so your dad will open it like a king.

2. You can make a maze card for your dad with his old and new pictures with texts such as “You inspire me to become as caring and as loving as you are”

3. Make a card with small colored candles glued on the inside with the text “You Light Up My Life, Papa.”

4. Take a world map printout and paste it on solid colored chart paper. On the inside, write “You are My Whole World Dad.”

What to Write?

If you are not expressive, it must be challenging to decide what to write on the cards. It’s always better to write something from the bottom of your heart; whatever comes from the heart has an influence. For example, you can write your favorite memory of him from your childhood or take inspiration from the following texts.

“I’m grateful for you, dad, and I’m not sure if I will ever be able to pay you back for the amount of struggles you have done for us.”

“Thank you for bringing love, acceptance, and joy into my life all these years. I truly love you”.

“You are my first and forever hero- the only man I can trust even in my saddest days.”

“One day isn’t enough to tell you how much you mean to me, how much I adore you and how much I care for you. Happy Fathers Day!”

Father’s Day Memory Book

Memory books are a great gift to remind your dad how far he has come in life and what a journey he has been through. It also reminds you to be grateful for your dad because he has done so much for you. So go ahead, put in some effort, and make a memory book for your dad with all of his old and latest pictures you can find.

There should be pictures on one side of the page and text on the other so your father can feel a lot of emotions by looking at the pictures and reading the text simultaneously.

By this time, we hope you can decide how you will surprise your dad this year. Remember, a thoughtful Father’s Day gift is a way to tell him how thankful you are for having him by your side and how absolute a gem of a person he is.