7 Spooky Food Ideas for Your Monster Halloween Party

Monster Halloween parties are trending these days, so if you want to become a people person, you may invite everyone over. 

What makes the party more appealing is the food served at the party, and thus we bring you seven spooky food ideas that you and your guests can't resist. But before we get into the details about each idea, there are some basic things that you should know about since they will help you in making almost every dish. 

How to Prepare Frosting?

To prepare Frosting, you need to take cream and put it in the freezer to get chilled. Be mindful of not letting it freeze. Meanwhile, you must also put a steel bowl and beater in the freezer so it's a bit chilly. 

Once that is done, you need to take everything out, put the cream inside the bowl and start beating it with the chilled beater. That will give you a nice frost one step away from being completed. Finally, add a food coloring of your choice or cocoa powder, and you're good to go. 

Monster Cake

A monster cake is one of the spookiest meals if appropriately made. All you need to do is to take some eggs and beat them with the butter. Once that is done, you must add some eggs and beat them again. Your batter hasn't been ready yet since you need to keep beating. Add flour and start beating.

Once your batter is ready, take some food coloring, preferably red, black and orange, and add them to your batter. This will help you make different types of monsters quite easily. Then you can take some monster-shaped molds. Finally, you can add some food coloring to different molds so that your monsters look colorful.  

Bake that for a few minutes, and take your spooky monsters out. Let them cool for some time, and prepare the frosting. Use red, blue, black, and green frosting to make your monsters look spooky. The best utensils to place this could be disposable plastic bowls. 

Monster Cookies

Everyone loves cookies so much, so what makes you think they won't love cookies if you serve them on Halloween? Make monster cookies that everyone will love. 

Firstly, take the dough (you can get ready-made or make it yourself). Then, put the dough in different bowls and add red, black, white, and green colors to each. 

Make the monster's body from the black dough, and make eyes and teeth from the white dough. The red dough should cover the area around the eyes to look spooky. Finally, you can use green color to add some body parts to the monster. 

This is going to freak people out a lot. Give them disposable bowls to eat in. 

Monster Lasagna

You can traditionally make lasagna, but in monster lasagna, you need to have a tomato sauce that looks like blood and color your lasagna black to look like the mud is floating on blood. 

Then you can make some edible monsters and let them float inside the sauce so that it looks spooky. Everyone will yearn to look at it, but very few people might try it since it's going to look creepy. You can have the label "For the Daring Ones Only." And many people will want to try that. 

Monster Pizza

You can order a monster pizza that is not just large in size but also in the shape of a monster. It could be hard to create it on your own, so taking help from outside could be the best idea. There are countless restaurants out there that would be interested in making a pizza for you. 

Pizza is always served on plates, but you can also use serving bowls. Plastic bowls are great at keeping things inside, so if your pizza is dripping with cheese, you should definitely go for serving bowls for parties. 

Monster Coffin Party

You can create a graveyard with several coffins placed. You can make the graveyard with your delicious meal. Then you need to make some edible monsters to stick into the cemetery. Make it look like a party. 

Just like you, the monsters are having a party too. If you want to make it really spooky, add something that the monsters are eating. What's that? I'll leave that up to your imagination. 

Monster Head

You can create a giant monster head based on the spookiest monster you've ever seen and add it to a plate. Then you can add a big lid on top so that no one gets to see it. 

Finally, place it on the table and let someone else open it up to see their reaction. You can make it more spooky by playing a horror sound the second someone opens the lid.

If not the head, the entire scene will be enough to frighten everyone to death. 

RIP Soup 

Suppose you have guests over who are fond of Chinese, giving them cake and all might not be the best idea, so what's great is to serve some nice hot soup. Even if your guests are on a diet, they won't be able to refuse the delicious vegetable-based soup you make for them. 

You can cut the veggies into the shape of monsters and add them to the soup. This will give it all a colorful look. 

Now you know all the things that can make your meals look spooky, perfect for a monster party. Parties are always incomplete without the serving ware collections. This is why you should always have some nice serving ware on your shelves so that you are always ready to throw a party. Don't forget to buy the bowls while you are shopping because they are the most important ones. Get some excellent serving ware on Kaya and save your time and money.