8 Creative Ways to Use a Cake Stand

If you are a person who doesn't let go of anyone's birthday without throwing a celebration party, then chances are there would be plenty of or at least one cake stand hanging around your home. So why let those cakes rot in the dust when you can repurpose them for other things. 

It's time to grab all of the cake stands in your cupboard and learn creative and thoughtful ways to decorate other spaces. One of the valuable things about the decorative items is you can repurpose them for different purposes, and this is precisely what you would be learning about the cake stands here. 

We have curated a list of 10 easy, and creative ways to use your cake stands other than just propping the birthday celebration cake on them. So stick to the end and find out what matches your taste from the top 10 creative ways.


1 - Mocktail Bar

Who thought your cake stand could get you a better way to serve the drinks? We thought about it, and it's great to serve your drinks creatively in an elegant presentation. 

Skip the idea of using the trays to serve drinks. Instead, get creative with your cake stand by flipping its upside down. Now, use the top side of the cake stand's tray to either serve the drinks or place the drink and glassware. 

Spread out the napkins on the cake stand's top to look like a tabletop. It's a great way to keep your ready-to-serve drinks and glassware in one place elegantly at your home. 

2 - Animal Safari Showcase

The decoration is all about being creative about it, and there isn't any limit to creativity. So take advantage of your dusty cake stands, clean them up, and use them to showcase the safari animal.

It can be a great way to create decorative pieces with safari animal toys at home. You need to place the toys creatively on the cake stand's top and place it where you want to elevate the decor. No need to make it stuffy. Just keep it simple!

3 - Gift Stand

Use the cake stand's top to present wedding birthday or anniversary gifts. You can also put the gifts on display on the cake stand. Use the gift boxes of different heights to display them on the cake stands.

Make sure to use the disposable cake stands if you are willing to use them to present the gifts at the wedding. The disposable cake stands are inexpensive and easy to carry as they are lightweight.

Get the fancy disposable cake stands from The Kaya Collection. Our fancy plastic cake stands are party-friendly and come at a fraction of the cost. This means you can have plenty of them for the gift presentation at parties. 

4 - Floral Centerpiece

Create epic floral centerpieces by using heightened cake stands. You can create fabulous table centerpieces in the last minutes. Place a heightened conic tree or use tall branches to create a centerpiece for your tablescape. Then, decorate it by adding greenery to the bottoms for a refreshing effect. 

Another way to create the centerpieces is to use flowers. Gather up the flowers of your choice, and wrap them up with fancy ribbons that add a finishing touch. And then lastly, place it on the top of the cake stand, and your centerpiece with seasonal flair is ready. 

5 - Stand for Board Games

As mentioned above, there's no limit to creativity, and the same goes for the ways to use the cake stands differently. For example, you can repurpose the cake stands to use them as board game stands. 

Get the fancy disposable cake stands for parties from The Kaya Collection, decorate them according to your party theme and add fancy touches to them to make them ready to hold the boards for games. 

When the guests at the party gather around to have fun and interact together. Put the board on the cake stands to present it creatively, so your guests feel welcome and special even while playing games. 

6- Candy Bar

If you have plenty of cake stands in your cupboard and if you are throwing a party. Take advantage of those cake stands rotting your cupboards, and use them to put a variety of candies on display. 

Moreover, if you plan to add a candy bar to your party, using cake stands is a budget-friendly idea to have an elegant display. Just have a few glass vases filled up with candies and put them on the cake stand. 

7 - Classy Candles Display

Another way to use the cake stands is to put classy candles on display. Candles bring aesthetics and add ambiance to the space. Decorate the cake stands with decorative paper, have a bunch of candles in the glass container, and put them on the top of the cake stand.

Use the glass container of different heights to create a unique effect. You can also use the flower bouquet to add seasonal flair. Scatter the candles on the cake stand and put the flowers in the middle to create a gorgeous last-minute centerpiece for your tablescape. 

8 - Decorative Space

If you have plenty of cake stands at your house, there's a creative way to use them all at once for a particular purpose other than serving the cake elegantly. 

Group all the cake stands you have and put them together to add aesthetics to your vacant tables or empty spaces in your house. It doesn't matter if all the cake stands are of different designs and styles. It would provide a unique flair effect to your fancy cake stands.

It's an effortless way to decorate your space by repurposing the cake stands sitting idle. In addition, if you have decorative pieces, you can elevate decor by placing them on the cake stands you have grouped. 

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