8 Fun Halloween Games for the Kids

Halloween celebrations without games are boring whether you invite kids or adults. For an enthralling Halloween party, you must introduce some games to keep the excitement going.

Kids love Halloween the most because it is a fantastic time for them to play their favorite games, go trick-or-treating and wear some scary costumes.

Short of ideas? There's no need to freak out because we have gathered tons of wonderful and exciting games for your little ones to make their next Halloween party a blast. You can also play these games with people of all ages.

1. Shooting the Skeletons

Shooting slime at the skeletons is an exciting game for your Halloween party. The best thing about this game is that children of all ages can play it. You can buy skeletons from a nearby store and attach them to wooden cardboard with a hot glue gun.

Next, you are going to need a squirt gun. You can buy it from any dollar store. Give all the kids a chance to participate in the game, take their aims, and shoot the skeletons. The kid who shoots the most skeletons will be the winner.

Keep delicious treats and desserts ready in mini appetizer plates and give them to the winners as a reward.

2. Mummy Wrap

It is a really simple and enjoyable game that doesn't cost much money. All you need for this game is some white clothes, white crepe papers, or a couple of rolls of toilet paper. Divide the players into two teams before starting the Mummy Wrap game.

Each team will have one individual who will be wrapped with toilet and crepe paper by the members of the other team. The team who covers their mummies first before time wins the game. You can also set a finish line to run to after each mummy has been wrapped. Pretty simple, right?

3. Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin painting is one of the simplest ways to entertain your little partygoers and give them a souvenir. Give each kid a little pumpkin.

You may either use a fake pumpkin for decoration or buy a genuine one from your neighborhood farmers market or supermarket. Thanks to plastic pumpkins because they won't rot. Give each kid glitter glue, paint pens, permanent markers, spooky stickers, googly eyes, and more so they can show their creativity. 

If you want to turn this game into a competition, divide the kids into groups of three and four and have them work together to decorate their pumpkins. The team who decorates the pumpkin best will be the winner.

4. Apple Bobbing

Apples symbolize Halloween and the connection between apples and Halloween dates back to the Celtic festival Samhain. This game is easy to play, and it requires no effort. First, fill your bowl or bucket with cold water and place a towel or sheet under the bucket. 

Put around ten to fifteen apples in the water. Place all the green apples, but there will only be one red apple in the bucket, and give each child time to grab as many as they can with their hands firmly behind their backs. The red apple will be the 'poison' apple. 

Everyone participating will be bobbing for apples while wearing blindfolds. The trick is that the one who gets the poisoned red apple is the winner. Then, serve the winners with candies, sweets, delicious drinks, and beverages in spooky mini plastic cups.

5. Halloween Relay Races

For this game, you need two witches' brooms. This is a terrific way to give racing a spooky twist while letting the kids blow off some steam outside, provided the weather is pleasant, and you can spend some time outdoors. But this game is possible only when you have a garden.

The children should be divided into two equal teams. Every kid gets a turn riding the broomstick as they run to the far end of the garden and back. They must pass the broomsticks to their partners, then run to the finish line. The team finishing the relay race first would be the winner. 

6. Pop the Pumpkin Balloons

You will need A4 sheets, orange balloons, black markers, candies and sweets, and disposable mini-party supplies.

You have to cut sheets of paper into squares for each balloon. Before blowing up the balloons, roll up each piece of paper; write "trick" or "treat" on them and place one inside each balloon. Draw pumpkin faces on each balloon once it has been blown.

Let the children take turns using a pin to pop a balloon to see if they have won a trick or treat. Of course, if they have won a trick, they will have to do a forfeit, like doing something silly, running around the garden twice, or accomplishing whatever tasks they are given.

 If they have won a treat, give them some candies, sweets, and chocolates and serve them tasty drinks in plastic cups.

7. Ghost Knockout

This is a very simple yet exciting game. For this, you will need 10 to 20 plain disposable cups; if you want a bigger tower, you can add more cups. Next, you will need a lightweight ball, such as a magic ball, and a black marker to draw ghost faces with two eyes and an open mouth on disposable cups.

Give each kid a magic ball as you stack the cups. Then, they have to knock the ghosts down from a distance. The kid who knocks down the most ghosts will be the winner. 

8. Famished Pumpkins

Draw some big pumpkins on a piece of orange card and cut out their huge mouths. The pumpkin shapes should now be cut out and attached to the cardboard boxes. The cardboard boxes should be left open from one side.  

Make sure that the open mouths of pumpkins are pasted on the open sides of the boxes. The children may compete in teams to see who can get the most balls through the pumpkins' mouths.

Image by rawpixel.com