8 Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Party

It's great you think about the planet before throwing a party. You deserve to celebrate in the best ways possible, but that doesn't mean you put the environment's safety at stake.

Going green is our only option if we want to give back to the planet. The good thing is that people have started realizing the importance of sustainable parties. At Kaya, we are making your journey towards eco-conscious easy. Therefore, we have gathered some tips to help you.

If you think going green is a lot of work, think again. With a bit of effort, you can throw a party that's 100% eco-friendly.

Invite Over Social Media

Skip the handwritten invitations! They sure have a homely feeling, but they are a waste of time and money. Instead, you can open an invite-making app and make beautiful cards in no time.

Invitations are the first look at your event. It tells the guests what kind of party it is going to be. Mention it's an eco-friendly party, so they know what to expect.

Wear Eco-Friendly Clothes

Not mandatory, but wearing sustainable clothes would influence your sustainable way of living. That shouldn't be just for an event - you must make it a point to start wearing sustainable clothes from now.

The thing with sustainable clothes is that they manufacture in environmentally safe steps. There are a lot of brands that produce eco-wear. These dresses are cruelty-free, meaning the manufacturers don't harm a single animal to make them which usually happens in leather dressmaking.

Reuse and Repurpose Decor

Before you shop a store, shop your home. You have so many items lying around your house that can be repurposed or reused for party decor. For instance, you can hang old champagne bottles from the ceiling or use string lights from a previous party.

DIY is another option if you have a creative, crafty mind. Also, there's nothing you can't craft for a party. From wall hangings to front door wreaths, you can make everything.

Once your party is over, take off the decorations and save them for another event. It may sound stingy, but imagine how much waste you would be introducing by wasting all the decorations. So instead, recycle what you can't reuse or repurpose.

Note that you must only use sustainable decorations. That includes avoiding balloons and glitters too. The reason is that they are toxic. So instead of using them, you can use flowers, LED lights, and foliage.

Buy Grocery Locally

Visit your local farmer's market and get local groceries at a reduced price. The thing with supermarkets is that they charge you extra money for nothing. This is because they are usually brought from other cities and are not fresh. On the contrary, your local grocery has some fresh produce; and doesn't charge you extra money.

Serve Organic Food

In a world where fast food drives people, a sustainable approach would be to stay away from it. Healthy eating is a part of sustainability; it's about your and the planet's health. Fruits and vegetables from a local store are the best choices.

Once you get organic fruits and vegetables, it's time to wash them. Add one tablespoon salt to one cup vinegar and make a DIY cleaner. It would be better if you heated the vinegar. Then, dip your fruits and vegetables in it for 30 seconds and rinse with cold water. In that way, you will have clean fruits and vegetables.

You must include sustainable food choices in your party menu. Many YouTubers are teaching how to cook plant-based food that is delicious and doesn't harm the environment. You can get a tutorial from there and cook vegan foods.

Also, nothing beats organic fruit and vegetables. You can make fruit salad, smoothies, fruit popsicles, vegetable salads, oats and resin cookies, and sandwiches. The options are never-ending.

Use Compostable Dinnerware

The hype about eco-friendly dinnerware is real. It degrades into the environment a few weeks after its disposal, which is equally advantageous for consumers and the planet. In addition, consumers love eco-friendly plates and eco-friendly flatware because they don't have to wash them afterward.

For the planet, eco-friendly dinnerware is beneficial in several ways: A. It doesn't stay in the environment forever. B. It leaches nutrients into the soil upon degrading. And it's safe for everyone.

If you use Kaya's eco-friendly bowls, palm leaf plates, and cutlery, you will have the additional benefit of bringing elegance to the tables. Our eco-friendly collection is available in various shapes, designs, and patterns and is 100% compostable.

Give Sustainable Party Favors

Never send your guests home empty-handed. It is always better to give them something which they can cherish later. Remember you want to do it eco-consciously. Give them edible gifts like home-baked cookies, cake bites, candies, and brownies.

There are sustainable jewelry brands that sell beautiful items. You can give your guests one of those jewelry pieces. If you look at it in the longer run, giving them floral seed packets would be a great idea.

You can also order t-shirts from a sustainable clothing brand. Upcycled scrunchies made with almost 80-85% recycled nylon would be great too.

Make Arrangements for After-Party Cleanup

We all have experienced how daunting after-party cleanup can be. You just don't want to get up and clean the whole house. But, with the eco-conscious way of celebrating, it becomes easier. But, of course, the most tiring chore is washing the dishes, which we have already sorted out for you - thanks to the eco-friendly party supplies.

Use reusable cloth rags to clean the spills throughout the party. Then, on the next day, use eco-friendly cleaners to clean your house. Make eco-friendly cleaning spray at home by mixing 1 part baking soda in 3 parts vinegar. Then, add a tablespoon full of lemon juice to it. It will clean your sinks like nothing else.

We believe it’s our responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect Earth. Because if we don’t do it today, the coming generations will suffer. We urge you to do the same. Do what you need to do - protect the Earth at all costs.