9 Tableware Tips for the Modern Hostess

Setting up the table is one of the essential preparations when hosting guests. It's just like a canvas for the host to play his art that'll reflect the party's theme or event's concept. Why is it so important?

We have curated a list of tableware tips for the modern hostess to help you give your table a fresh and contemporary look. Stick to the end, and you'll find some essential tips and tricks to help you do things instantly. 

1. Work on Presentation 

Start by taking hints from the event concept that you will arrange and then set up the table accordingly. Your table should have a uniform look that coordinates with the event's theme. And that's how your table presentation will look epic. 

Think about what type of event you are planning to host. Is it a casual event where you can use your regular dinnerware set? Or is it a dinner party with some special guests where you would need to pull the finest and fancy tableware? 

2. You can Never Go Wrong with White Dinnerware 

When it comes to the versatile and universal dinnerware set, the white dinnerware set is the king of all. It has its elegance, grace, and beauty, reflecting the other details of the table decor and serving ware. Plus, if you lose any piece of a white dinnerware set, you can easily replace it with another white dinnerware set. 

Moreover, the vibrance is also there with the white dinnerware set. It helps other colors on the table to pop up, such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, and floral. You can never go wrong with the white dinnerware set. 

3. Handle the Dinnerware with Proper Care

If you want your dinnerware set to last long, you should educate yourself to handle them with the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Especially the porcelain and fine china need care, as they aren't dishware safe. Also, ensure that you are aware of not washing them in the dishwasher. 

If you want to use the dishwasher for cleaning the dishes, go for the dishwasher-safe dinnerware sets, or you can eliminate the cleaning problem and switch to disposable serving ware. 

4. Use Serving Ware Bowls

One of the most annoying things a host can do to the guests is not giving them enough time and spending too much time in the kitchen. And, the best thing you can do as the host is to use the serving ware bowls to serve all the food at once, so you don't have to make short trips to the kitchen. 

Get elegant serving bowls for parties at a fraction of the cost at The Kaya Collection. We have a wide range of disposable plastic bowls that aren't just elegant but also practically beneficial when you want to clean up like a breeze. 

Look around and get the elegant collection of plastic bowls for your next party to give your table an organized and uniform look. 

5. Add Finest Napkins to Place Settings

Napkins are one of the most inexpensive tableware items that instantly brighten up the details of the table setting at a fraction of the cost. Even if you go for the premium type of napkins, they wouldn't be as expensive as other decorative pieces of serving ware and table. 

So, invest in the most delicate napkins and go for neutral and taupe, as they won't discolor. They will go with anything, just like the white dinnerware set. You can use it with any party theme; they'll always look gorgeous and elegant.

6. Place Settings is a Key to Elegance

Whether you are having a casual party or a formal dinner party with some special guests, a place setting must follow throughout your table settings. It won't only set up the vibe and environment of the place but will also elevate your table decor. 

Work on the place setting of your table based on your event type. For instance, if you are having a formal dinner night, there are different place settings, and casual events have different place settings. In traditional settings, you use other serving ware, such as napkins, charger plates, and designated glassware for each drink you serve on the menu. 

7. Versatile Drinkware 

There's a long list of glass types when choosing the perfect drinkware. And you'll be excited to bring all of them home, and you might even manage to have them, but how can you use all of them at once?

There's a simple tip you can elegantly use your drinkware on the table. First, create variations in the drinkware on the table. Next, pull out all your drinkware collections and set them up on the table by creating variations in their sizes, styles, and designs. 

You can use them for the table centerpieces or even serve drinks to the guests. Get creative with their formation, and in the end, you'll come up with something that suits your table theme and style. 

8. Use Charger Plates

You might have seen the extra plate beneath the regular dinner plate. Ever thought about that? What's that? These are called charger plates which have several practical and decorative purposes. 

Try to create a contrast with the dinner plates to develop coordination. They add elegance to your table decor and provide a background to your regular diner plates. In addition, they prevent crumbs and spills from falling on your fancy tablecloth. Use charger plates to elevate your decor. 

9. Add Flowers

Add flowers to your table settings creatively. Flowers always add a new element to any setting. They always add freshness to the environment, whether at a wedding event or a casual dinner party.

There are plenty of ways you can add flowers to your table settings to elevate its decor. Create centerpieces of flowers, place different flowers on each place setting, and even embed them on the chairs. 

Don't know how to create an instant table centerpiece with flowers? Grab any type of vases you have and pluck some flowers from your garden in the backyard. If you don't have blooms in your garden, you can have them from nearby parks or buy them from the farmers' market. 

Tie plenty of flowers together with a fancy ribbon, and make the vases hold them on the table. That's how easily you can create instant table centerpieces for your table settings. Get creative with it, and you'll come up with something that holds a statement.