A Simple Summer Table Setup

With summer comes endless opportunities for entertainment and fun. Of course, it's the ultimate time of the year for everyone to throw endless parties, as everyone is on summer vacation. 

With parties comes a massive responsibility to the hosts, from sending out the invites to dressing up the venue to setting up an elegant tablescape that reflects the true vibes of the party. And, if you are a creative person, you may be on the hunt to look for innovative ideas to set up tablescapes. 

The party season goes on the entire year, and you might be looking for some new ways and techniques to make your table display elegant and attractive in simple creative ways. We have covered you with the extensive guide on a simple summer table setup. 

Stick to the end; you'll definitely find the exciting ideas to unleash your creative instincts on your party table. 

Seaside Vibe

No worries if you can't set up a party table by the seaside, this is the perfect idea for you. Bring a seaside vibe indoors with simple seaside decor for your party table. When it comes to the seaside decor, what's the main thing that relates to the seaside and arrives to your mind? 

Probably sand, sea shells, and giant crabs roaming on the shore. Forget about the other things, and let's think of the decorative item that'll bring elegance and different windy vibes to your table. Consider decorating your table with plenty of seashells around and on the table. 

Use glass or transparent vases to put the seashells on display. If you want to be creative with it, paint them with the color scheme you want to follow through the table decor. Don't go with the vibrant paint colors of the seashells, as it'll make them look too quirky.

Besides, seashells have votives in a transparent container full of sand and scallop shells for paper place cards. 

Unique Patterned Plates

Sticking to one plate design such as the white one might seem a tedious approach for your party table. However, mixing the colors and different unique patterned plates will add an attractive flair to your table. 

Bring patterned plates with bold colors to your tablescape, and have unique and different patterned plates for each place setting. You won't believe it; guests would love to find their favorite patterned plates to sit on that side of the table.

Apart from decorative touches, unique patterned plates would break the ice among the guests and eventually become the conversation starter at your party table.

Palm Leaf Plates

Plates play a significant role in shaping the look of your tablescape, and having a variety of plates for each table setup will change the vibe and look of your party table. Palm leaf plates are quite trending plates in the industries. 

You must have seen wooden texture plates with smooth finishing. That's precisely what palm leaf or eco-friendly plates are. If you want to switch to a simple and uniform look for your table, eco-friendly plates are ideal. 

They are made of palm leaf and single-purpose plates, so no worries regarding the clean-up. You can easily discard them, and they'll decompose in 30 days. A table without a tabletop covered with linen will create an epic combination of eco-friendly plates

Can't figure out where to get the best patterned and colorful plates? The Kaya Collection offers a wide range of eco-friendly dinnerware sets that come in various shapes and designs. Get great eco-friendly party supplies at a fraction of the cost. 

Don't worry; you can have every serving ware in wooden texture, from eco-friendly party supplies to eco-friendly cutlery and bowls, so when you use them for the party table, there's a uniform look throughout the table. 

Versatile Centerpieces

When we say the simple party table, it means a simple yet beautiful one you can effortlessly set up for your party. Having centerpieces on the table will provide it with a focal point. However, if you aren't into fancy centerpieces, that'll take too much time for you to create.

Consider beautifying your table with versatile centerpieces. And what else could you think of when we talk about tall and short mixed-up centerpieces, of course, vases, drinkware, and candle holders? 

Have variations in the table centerpieces to add a unique flair to the table throughout. Use transparent vases and patterned vases and make them hold the flowers or branches concerning their sizes. 

If you have old drinkware sets with missing pieces, you merely use them now for parties. Bring them to the table, and let them be the table centerpieces. Create a variation in their formation, and your party table is good to go with a simple yet elegant centerpiece. 

Beautify Place settings with Florals

Another to add elegance with simplicity to your table; is by adding flowers to each place setting. Consider placing elegant flowers on each place's setting. Of course, you can create variations in their colors to create an aesthetic in the visuals. 

Use the understated napkins to highlight and brighten up the colors of the flowers. In addition, you can create a contrast between the napkins and flowers to coordinate the table decor. Finally, you can place the flowers on the napkins or inside the wrapped napkin for gorgeous touches. 

Cactus Centerpiece

Creative DIY projects are the way to do it if you want to give thoughtful touches to your table decor. Create paper cacti and add them to your table decor using glue or sticking them with the tablecloth with safety pins. 

You don't need to stick to the conventional colors of cacti. Instead, be creative with the paper color and coordinate it with the party theme. Creating paper flowers is a great way to add funky color to your summer party table. Create paper roses and daffodils and write the guests' names on the petals for personalized touches.  

Extra Decor Tips 

Consider adding special touches to your table decor by napkin folding. There are plenty of napkin folding techniques you can learn from the internet and can entirely change the representation of the napkins on the table.