A Winter Glam Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties sound like heaven in winters; you get to enjoy all the appetizers and sip through your favorite drinks. Usually, formal events are restricted to a single hour called ‘the cocktail hour’. But why not make a mere single hour a whole event? Throw a winter glam cocktail party with your friends and serve them with the best menu and decorate your place nicely to make them feel loved.

Mark the Date

No matter what event you organize, planning is always a smart move. Before you decide the date of your event, ask your friends if they are not busy that day because they are going to be the guests, and if you value them in this decision, it will be an excellent gesture.

Venue and Decor

You can throw a cocktail party in a restaurant, but having your friends invited to your home would be a better thing to do. It will give everyone a personal space to enjoy some memorable time with their friends.

Now that you’ve selected the venue, it’s time to decorate the place a little bit. If you are hosting a cocktail party in a restaurant, tell them your theme and ask them to decorate the whole place according to your theme. But in case you have chosen your home as a venue, try decorating it with floral arrangements, candles, and elegant glassware. Get our elegant party drinkware to add to the beauty of your party tables.

Dress Code

Since cocktail parties are associated with formal events, traditionally, the dress code is formal. But it doesn’t really matter if you are hosting a cocktail party for your friends. You can wear whatever you want, and everyone can feel free to enjoy it.

Hors D’oeuvres

Since you don’t serve the main course at a cocktail party, you should focus more on the appetizers. Choose the recipes that don’t take forever to make, such as lemon butter garlic shrimp in phyllo cups, no-bake jalapeno popper cheese balls, crispy chicken wings, mini cucumber sandwiches, lobster salad tostones, deviled eggs, pizza bites, potato pinwheels, macaroni, cheese bites, and marinated cheese.

Time for the Drinks

Speaking about the appetizers, let’s talk about the drinks. A cocktail party only looks good when the drinks are well made and well served. There are a lot of options you can opt for while selecting drinks for your cocktail party. Take your guests to a tropical island with some refreshing coconut cocktails such as pina colada, hot chocolate, or a coconut punch. You can also try thyme clementine, spiced nog, or maca mint cocoa. Just make sure you serve these drinks elegantly in our disposable cocktail glasses.

We have specially designed plastic party cups to make your servings captivating. No matter what theme you’ve selected or what kind of decor you have, our glassware looks best on every table. Get our glassware and spruce up your party tables before it’s too late!