Autumn Cocktail-Making Party

Autumn is finally here. With every season, our tastes and flavor vary, and you might be wondering what to have for your autumn cocktail party. Autumn and the winter is the time when we bring spices to our beverages. Whether a hot soup or a cocktail, spices are the go-to ingredients for them. We have narrowed down the list of the best cocktails you should consider trying at your next party. I can bet, once you try them, there will be no way back from it. That's why we called it the best autumn cocktail list.

Classic Bijou Cocktail

The first one on our list is the classic bijou, which is entirely inspired by autumn, and it is really comforting. To start making these cocktails, you will need to start with the 1.5 ounces of London dry gin and then a three-quarter ounce of sweet vermouth. Next, add the three-quarters ounce of green chartreuse.

Lastly, add the two dashes of orange bitters and then fill up your mixing glass with the ice and give it a good stir for about 60 revolutions. 

This cocktail might be a little too sweet for you. To cover that up by expressing the lemon juice on the top of the cocktail. This way, it will suit your palate if you don't like it to be a little extra sweet. 

Sage Bees Cocktail

Sage bees are a honey gin sour with the addition of sage. Sage itself has transformed this cocktail completely, making it an autumn-like cocktail because it has a very interesting flavor profile. 

It shares the same dominant flavor molecule that you will get in other iconic fall spices, like cardamom and rosemary. 

For this recipe, you will need to start with 1.5 ounces of London dry gin, and three-quarters ounces of honey syrup. And also three-quarter ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, it's a sour, so you will have to use an egg, three sage leaves, and two dashes of grapefruit bitters.

Then give it a good shake for 10 seconds, and then add the two big pieces of ice that will help for better emulsification and cool down your cocktail perfectly. Now, shake it for another 10 seconds. 

For the garnish, use the beautiful sage leaves on the top of the cocktail and a little bit of ground black pepper. 

When you try this delicious cocktail, you will find it very refreshing, but the sage makes it aromatic.

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