Awesome Party Ideas to Start 2022 Right

No doubt, last year was a tough one for everyone in the world as there was a covid restriction. Start 2022 by throwing an awesome party to spend quality time with your friends and family.

If you have been busy throwing parties in November, then you might be running out of new ideas to start a new year. Lucky you are, as we have curated a list of awesome party ideas for you to arrange a fantastic party.

Resolution Jar

As the new year comes, everyone makes new resolutions to achieve their goals in the next 365 days. Bring a new year’s resolution jar to your party and ask everyone to write down a goal or a wish on the paper and put it in the resolution jar. 

Decorate the jar to communicate formally with the party tone & atmosphere. Make sure you have placed pieces of paper or cards, so guests can write down immediately the new resolutions they made for the year coming ahead. Use elegant plastic plates to place the paper or card with a pen.

Be a Mixologist

Cocktails and new year celebrations go hand in hand. Ask your guests to come prepared and wear cocktail attire to spread the fresh vibes of the party. 

Have a signature cocktail for your party, so when your guests are at the door, you can welcome them with a refreshing signature cocktail.

Moreover, if you are having it on zoom, then make sure everyone is getting along with what you are preparing on a video chat. 

Special Boozy Dessert

It’s completely fine to add alcohol to everything you like and love. Prepare champagne pancakes at your next party and be a versatile host of your guests. 

There are plenty of recipes on the internet you can watch to learn how you can prepare the delicious boozy dessert for your new year’s party. 

Don’t forget to have elegant plates for serving purposes, as excellent representation will leave a great impression on guests. Use disposable dinner plates that come with multiple benefits.

Get these elegant dinner plates and elevate your serving style, plus have a minimal mess after the party is over. These are recyclable plastic plates, meaning you won’t need to clean them but instead will have to dispose of them after a single use. Plus, they aren’t harmful to our environment like other cheap plastic party supplies.

Bone-Fire Party

If you are too lazy to try out the ideas mentioned, then a bone-fire party is a perfect one as you won’t have to do much.

Bone-fire parties can’t be boring or outdated ever. Set up a bone-fire at an ample space, so everyone is safe. Bring some cozy blankets for everyone to stay warm on the wintry night of the new year. 

With a bone-fire party, you can do lots of things to bring fun and entertainment out of nowhere, like watching a movie with your guests and preparing BBQ side by side. There are plenty of ideas you can try at your next party and bring the best out of it.