Beautiful Spring Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Party

Cheer up! The most refreshing time of the year is back again to freshen up your soul. I can list a million reasons why this season is the best to cherish the outdoors. The cool breeze, plants having lush green leaves, vibrant flowers, and the warmer temperature after prolonged winters and what not - this season leaves you with no excuses to not host a party with your friends.

Get ready to host a refreshing spring party this season and decorate it amazingly with these decor ideas. Decor for a spring party involves bright colors, flowers, and lots of greenery to create a serene yet dazzling party venue.

Outdoor Synthetic Garden

Whether you want to save some space or make your indoors vivacious, a vertical synthetic garden is all you need. You can have a synthetic garden for an outdoor spring party as well, and it would serve as a beautiful corner for photographs. You can make them in several ways:

Tie some bamboo trellis together from the top vertically, and fix them on the ground. Use purple and pink flowers to complete this art piece.

Another way to make a synthetic garden would be by using an old ladder. Lean an old ladder against the wall and use its steps as shelves to put plant potters on. Flowers of different colors and species will look breathtaking.

Or you can always look for cheaper yet eco-conscious ways to decorate your house for a spring party. Soda bottles can be a great way to plant your flowers, and guess what? They can be hung on a wall using a clothesline and won’t take much space.

Front Door Wreaths

Your front door should be nicely decorated to make your guests feel a thing when they enter your house. Let’s have a look at some creative ways to make adorable wreaths for your front door or walls.

Floral Wreath

Make a floral wreath which is a must for a spring party. Here are the things you will require:

  • 14-inch grapevine wreath
  • One bunch of eucalyptus
  • One bunch of fern
  • One bunch of flowers

Cut the extensions of the grapevine wreath from the sides to clean it up a bit. Cut separate different leaves of the eucalyptus foliage and fern. Attach them to the wreath.

Now separate the flowers from the bunch and glue them onto the wreath evenly. Use flowers in two or three different colors to make a vibrant floral wreath for your front door.

Handkerchief Wreath

What a cute wreath it is! All you need to do is take some beautifully patterned handkerchiefs and tie them around a wire wreath. Use alternating colors and tie a knot at the back of each handkerchief to secure it in place.

Bird Nest Wreath

To give your party a more nature-inspired effect, make a wreath for your vertical synthetic garden. Take a grapevine wreath and attach foliage to it like the previous one. Attach some hand-painted birdhouses and artificial eggs to the wreath. If you can, place an artificial sparrow on the house to give it a more natural feeling.

Organza Wreath

Oh, organza, you beauty!

Whether it’s a dress or a wreath, organza looks stunning wherever it is used. Make an organza wreath for your spring party decor and let it add grace to it. Use organza patches in different patterns and colors to use in the wreath.

Dazzling Tabletop Decor

It’s time to dress up your tables! You have gotta take care of a few things while decorating your party table. The tablecloth, napkins, food, drinks, and most importantly the dinnerware, should all look extravagant. For a spring table, your table should have colors balanced out with the decor.

Colorful Linens

Colorful linens set up the mood of a spring party table. There are a number of options available in the market ranging from hand-painted ones to printed, linen-like tablecloths. Get contrasting tablecloths and napkins that match with the decor and dinnerware.

Sustainable Vintage Vase

You can reuse your plastic bottles and create an elegant centerpiece out of them. Look for a tutorial online and you will be able to make a vintage vase with no effort.

Fruit and Flower Basket

This vibrant, nature-inspired decor is perfect to add more value to your spring party. Take an oversized basket and put apples, oranges, kiwis, and grapes along with white roses, red roses, and lilac. The vibrance of this fruit and flower basket is so eye-catching that it can serve as a really cool centerpiece on your tabletop.

Floral Rainbow in a Glass

Speaking of colors, another creative way to make your spring party more vivid is by making a rainbow with flowers in a glass. Get some clear stemless champagne flutes and put colorful flowers in them and place them on your party table. This could be a great way to ‘reuse’ your glasses into a beautiful centerpiece.

Sustainable Yet Elegant Dinnerware

Speaking of bringing nature to your spring party table, it’s important to talk about giving back to nature as well. Use eco-friendly disposable plates and flatware and create a sustainable tablescape together with the nature-inspired decor.

Compostable party plates offer easy cleanup and save your time usually spent by the kitchen sink washing tons of dishes after a party. If you are looking for elegant options in eco-friendly dinnerware, shop from The Kaya Collection where you get the most elegant palm leaf plates. Our palm leaf plates are not only 100% biodegradable but are so elegant that you can NOT have them on your party table.

An All-White Table Setting with a Touch of Color

This minimal spring tablespace idea is as cool as it sounds!

Use our white tablecloth with eco-friendly bagasse plates and colored napkins. For a touch of color, place two or three floral rainbow decor pieces that are mentioned earlier in the blog. You can also put white candles along with this floral rainbow piece.