Best Table Decor Ideas to Commemorate Veterans Day

After the long day of celebrating Veterans day, watching a parade, and honoring and paying tribute to our heroes. What do you need to do to have the best table decor to commemorate Veterans day? Well, lucky you are! We have come up with the best ways of taking care of table decor on this remarkable day of history. This guide will make you sharp enough to do the table decor for any event.

Table Decor with Veteran’s Day Recipes

For the perfect patriotic celebration, you must include patriotic recipes which will compliment your table decor. Start the table decor with the veteran’s day recipes.

Veterans day recipes don’t mean every food item should match the theme of red, blue, and white. To make it easy for you, desserts are the best choice to express your patriotic love by making food.

There are lots of options you can go with to have a theme-matching dessert. Fireworks cupcakes look adorable with red, blue, and white all over them. The recipe is pretty much easy to follow, and you can even make it in your home’s kitchen. 

If there’s a long list of guests you have invited, then red, blue, and white cookie bars are the perfect dessert to serve your guests as you won’t need to make lots of cupcakes for everyone.


Decorating the table involves the tablecloths that would elevate the table decor. You don’t need to cover up your dining table with red, blue, and white clothes, else you can spread pure white cloth. 

The white table cloth will make the statement in the table decor, plus everything on the table will stand out entirely. 

Moreover, when choosing the tablecloth, make sure it matches the party theme or contrasts with it.

Red and Blue Party Supplies

Red and Blue party supplies will give your table’s settings an actual patriotic look, plus matching everything with the theme will make you a good host. 

You can buy red and blue plates from any store, or if you don’t have enough space to store party supplies for every special occasion or holiday, then you can go with the disposable dinnerware for Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Party Supplies are disposable, which allows you to dispose of them after one use. Moreover, if you want to lessen the after-party mess, then Veterans Day Party Plates is the best choice for you to serve your guests. 

If patriotic plates don’t attract you and your guests, go with the colored party plates like red or blue. 

Patriotic Napkins

Another and the easiest way of elevating the table decor is to have a bunch of patriotic napkins for the guests. Patriotic napkins feel adorable, and they will add nice patriotic touches to your table decor on this big day.

Moreover, you can turn your fancy napkins into a piece of art by folding them. If you aren’t familiar with the napkins folding, then you are missing the little details on your table that matter a lot.