Best Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving dinners are the events that most of us look forward to all year, right? There are lots of stunning ideas that you can choose to throw a rocking Thanksgiving dinner, and the first thing that comes to mind is planning the menu.

Let us walk you through fantastic traditional dinner ideas perfect for leaving your guests licking their fingers.


The one thing that we all can agree on is that we cannot imagine our Thanksgiving table without turkey meat. So, for a second, visualize your dinner table without turkey, and it would be like having everything except the one that everyone waits for.

Roasted, grilled, and fried turkey will be the main dish with all eyes on it. It is not wrong if we say that this dish steals all the spotlight on the dining table.

Cranberry Sauce

It is considered one of the most controversial side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. It is a mix of sweet and sour tastes that most people do not gather the courage to give a try. Only adventurous natures who bite their nails to try all the items on the table would taste this delicious dish. Very few like it, as it takes time to get used to how it tastes. If you want this cranberry sauce, you are the kookiest one at the party.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a yummy dish; their taste boosts when they're topped with brown sugar and butter and make a perfect combo with toasted marshmallows. However, this is a tricky and risky Thanksgiving dinner item, so you should try only when you have a hundred percent surety that you will cook it like a pro.

Once you have dived into cooking sweet potatoes, follow each recipe step with complete care so that it turns out delicious and luscious.

When cooked perfectly, it is a delicious recipe that will remain in the good memories of your guests.

Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is another yummy, traditional item that you can consider on your menu. It is a simple recipe that requires a little effort to cook and consumes straightforward and readily available ingredients that you can find near your grocery store. 

You can garnish this green bean casserole with a sprinkling of cheese and fried onions to give it a fancy look. It is the best item to use for vegetables in the form of soup. So if you are afraid of vegetables, the best idea is to use them in a green bean casserole.

Pumpkin Pie

This is a decadent and semi-sweet dish that almost everyone eagerly waits to try at the Thanksgiving dinner party. This incredible item is a seasonal treat that is very easy to make and requires very few everyday and handily available ingredients that everyone can easily find. As a result, this dish is not as risky to cook, and you can effortlessly dive into making this at your thanksgiving dinner party.


You are not a good menu planner if you forget to add bread rolls to your dinner menu. It can still be a good party bash but will have something missing and give an incomplete look.

If you are a bread roll lover, you can skillfully cook your rolls or order them from a nearby restaurant but make sure that the restaurant has a good record of baking and cooking. Also, you need to call in a plentiful amount so that everybody would take them with open hearts and make sure that some are left at the dinner table to give guests a great look.

They taste the absolute best when served with tamarind sauce. This sour sauce is what completes the recipe.

Also, do not worry regarding their waste because the first thing is that bread rolls can never be wasted as they always get eaten up, and secondly if you are left with some, you can pack and give them to your guests as party favors.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes add taste to your dining table and pour a fancy look into your Thanksgiving dinner. You must have attended multiple Thanksgiving dinners and seen a lot of people dying over mashed potatoes. We can't blame them! However, their obsession is genuine because you fall in love as soon as you try this recipe.

And when you fall in love with it, you can not have it at your Thanksgiving dinner. It steals every heart. Try this, and you will not regret it for sure.


The dressing has cornbread making it one of the tastiest items on your dining table. So many people fall for dressing like anything, which is a norm to include dressing at your Thanksgiving party. It will add more glory to your menu cards and dinner table. Your guests will enjoy the items and will remember them.

These are some perfect traditional dinner menu items you can consider while planning your party and leave a mark in your guests' minds and hearts by rocking this party.

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