Bring the Holiday Magic into a Christmas Wedding

The holiday season is here, and Christmas vibes are everywhere. The snowfall, cold winds, and crisp air set up the mood for a winter wedding. You get to have an endless amount of outfit options and a perfect environment for those Instagram-worthy pictures. If you fix your wedding date around the Christmas holidays, the spirit of the winter season becomes even more magical. For that, you should have a variety of ideas in your mind. Since the celebrations of your winter wedding are going to be huge, the preparations should also be made before time. Let us give you some brilliant ideas for a perfect Christmas wedding to entice the spirit of the holiday season.

Set the Venue

Now that you have marked the date, it’s time to select a venue and choose the right decor for it. An indoor venue would be the right option only if you live in areas of extreme cold or areas with chances of snowfall. In a moderately cold climate, the best thing you can do is choose an outdoor venue, and you will get picture-perfect sunlight.

No matter what venue you choose, you can always blend the decor with the elements of Christmas, e.g., chandeliers, red flowers, and aromatic flower garlands. Add a little bit of greenery with DIY centerpieces using used wine bottles with monstera leaves, palm leaves, and eucalyptus leaves.

Wedding Colors

Colors are an important aspect while decorating the venue of a Christmas wedding. Don’t stay restricted to green and red only, instead, try incorporating other colors along with the Christmas colors to add more vibrance to your Christmas wedding. White and gold create a magical, royal vibe in a Christmas wedding and the lights add more value to this enticing combination.

To match the decor, we prepared for you the plastic Christmas dinnerware and colorful plastic plates that are an embodiment of elegance.

The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is going to be the talk of the hour, so it has to be well-decorated and beautifully placed. You can do a lot to make it fit your personality. To keep up with the Christmas theme, decorate it with flowers or go for a romantic decor.

A Perfect Christmas Wedding Dress

Everyone plans their wedding dress according to their personality. The groom can wear a formal suit with a warmer fabric and a red tie. However, the bride can choose either a maxi dress or a gown that looks unique and bold. You should always go for something that resonates with your inner self and gives you confidence upon wearing.

Christmas Tableware

Having talked about decorating the entire venue and picking the right dress for your big day, let’s not forget about your wedding tables - they need to be well decorated too. With vibrant and robust dinnerware, you can decorate your party tables exceptionally. Our disposable plates for Christmas and bulk plastic plates do the job for you. Their colors and textures will make you completely fall in love with them.