Check Out the Best Plastic Products for Your Next Party

Planning a party and needing to know what you need to make the party work out?

Here's our budget-friendly list of things you might need to throw a party that looks royal but isn't harsh on your pocket.

Why Are Plastic Serving Wares the Ultimate Solution to All Your Serving Needs?

Plastic serving ware is reigning over the industry of serving ware even though there are giant players in the market offering serving made of premium material. However, the plastic and disposable cards still seem to win the game with all cards. Here's why. 

Affordable to Any Budget

One of the best disposable and plastic product offerings is you get more by spending less. In simpler words, plastic serving wares are way inexpensive compared to the other options in the market. 

Since plastic is widely available and easy to be manufactured, thus, it's way cheaper and affordable for any budget. However, compared to the plastic serving wares, if you rent out the serving wares, you'll have to pay $10 per person, and if you wish to buy the other royal serving wares, you won't be able to make the additional arrangements if you are planning a party. 

Clean-up Isn't an Issue

You're likely to get frustrated with the dirty dishes after the event when you serve a large crowd at home. It's frustrating and time-consuming, and many resources could be better spent. 

Disposable plastic serving ware is the ultimate solution to the problem. Since they are disposable, you can quickly dispose of them after using them. 

More Durable Than the Real Ones

If you were wondering if the plastic serving ware is durable, you weren't thinking positively. There are plenty of options available in the market, but we aren't talking about those cheap plastic-made plates that can be easily bent. 

We are discussing the royal plates and other plastic serving ware perfect for all upscale parties. If you opt for good quality plastic serving wares, they're likely to be more durable than premium quality serving wares such as ceramics. 

They're the perfect option if you have kids, incredibly clumsy kids of your guests who got to serve. Serving them in elegant disposable serving ware is a great option. 

The Exclusive Plastic Servingware Range of Kaya Collections 

You need different types of serving ware for different events; you can't use one plate for every occasion. So we have curated a list of plastic serving wares and categorized them based on the events. Here's the complete range of plastic serving ware for all your serving needs.

Plastic Serving Ware for Summer Christmas Party

The summer is all about holidays and parties. When throwing endless holiday parties, you will likely need elegant serving wares to set up an elegant table that'll coordinate with your party theme. 

Whether you are throwing a 4th of July party or just a summer goodbye party, these holiday plates with unique, vibrant colors and different prints are incredible. They're perfect for any type of theme you plan for your party.

You can choose the plasticware sets in the holiday collection section based on the color. For instance, if you are throwing a Christmas summer party, we've red and green plates you can use for the Christmas theme party. 

Plastic Products for Outdoor Parties

When it comes to outdoor parties, especially picnic parties, where you must carry a bag of serving ware, disposable plasticware is always the perfect choice. 

However, you may choose the more casual dinnerware sets that come in neutral colors for picnic parties, such as our Clear Party Dinnerware

Whether you are looking for disposable plasticware, just a few pieces such as plates, forks, or dinnerware sets, or you need to buy the entire pack of them for the fancy bohemian party, our categorized collections make it relatively more accessible for you to explore the best plasticware for parties that fits perfectly with your party's theme. 

The clean party dinnerware has a transparent profile, making it look like glass but as durable as your silverware. 

Disposable Plasticware for Birthday Parties

The birthday parties always need to be the fanciest and funky, with a bright color scheme and theme that lightens up the entire space. And, for such settings, you'll want disposable serving wares that perfectly fit your birthday party theme. 

The Pink with White and Gold Birthday Round Plastic Dinner Plates are the perfect choice for the fancy look of your birthday table. These come in pink color with a combination of gold and white sprinkles and stars embedded all over their profile. 

Also, the Happy Birthday embedded in its center makes them the perfect serving ware plates for a fancy birthday party. And, if you're throwing a baby shower or maybe any party with a pink theme incorporated, you can still get these same disposable plasticware plates without the Happy Birthday engraved on them. 

Classy Disposable Plastic Flatware for Formal & Upscale Parties

When throwing a formal party, your flatware should always be top-notch. That's because it's the only thing your guests will hold and come in direct contact with. As a result, your flatware is more just the forks, spoons, and knives, but instead offers a luxurious feel. 

The Kaya collection offers royal flatware sets with plenty of colors, patterns, and designs embedded in them. If you are throwing an upscale business party or even a wedding party, the Shiny Gold Classic Cutlery Plastic Cutlery Set is an ideal choice with the white color scheme. 

Most importantly, our disposable plasticware sets are BPA-free, meaning they are entirely harmless, and you don't have to worry about toxins moving into your warm food. 

All our disposable plasticware is FDA-approved with robust durability that won't break or will get crack like other cheap quality plastic-made disposable plasticware sets. They look like real premium quality flatware sets. Your guests won't be able to spot a difference.