Choosing a Perfect Plate for Your Food Photos

In the modern age, people prefer to take photos of meals. And, for the sake of professional and enhanced food photos, perfect plates, settings, and lighting are as important as the excellent camera in your hands.

A perfect plate will enhance the texture of the food and transform the overall tone of your photos. To help you choose a perfect plate for your photo, we did extensive research. Let’s explore which plate is absolutely the perfect choice for taking professional photographs of your food. 

Perfect Plate Size

The size of the plate is an important tip for perfect platting. The perfect plate size will enhance the look of your food, and as a result, you will get to click a professional photograph of it.

However, there isn’t a standard predefined size for plates. But smaller size plates are preferable for professional food photography. 

With a bigger-sized plate, food will look smaller in quality, but it doesn’t mean you start putting more food on the plate as it will make it look quite messy. Use desserts plates or even plates as they come in smaller sizes and make the food look abundant on the top of the plate. 

But if you are a party lover who’s always conscious about the looks of the table’s top, then you should opt for the dinner plates in a smaller size. 

Ideal Color for Plates

Colorful plates aren’t preferable for the enhanced food photos. White plates will get you the perfect photo of your food by reflecting all the light and enhancing the texture of the food.

If you ever noticed, professional food photographers always click food photos with white plates because it helps to keep the food main subject of a photo.

There would be a few moments where white plates might not fulfill your expectation to get you the best-desired results. But, it’s ideal to go the white first and then try the colorful plates if the white plate didn’t do well.

Dark Plates Are Good Too

The second to the white is the dark plates. They go perfectly well with colorful food items as they would make the color of your food pop up. 

If you are bored of white plates, opt for dark plates, and set a new trend in the food photograph industry. Dark plates with bright food colors and perfect lighting in the scene will do wonders for your food photos. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a wide range of plates, then we have got your back with our wide disposable plastic plates that come in various colors, styles, and designs. 

Consider the Shape of your Plates

The first thing that the eyes notice is the shape of the plates. If you want your plates to be the main focus of the photo, look no further than the round plates. 

Round plates are always ideal for food photography in any case, as you won’t need to work hard on your angles. On the other hand, square plates make it harder to shoot as they look warped when clicked from a lower angle – no matter what camera you use.

If you have round plates, then firstly prefer the round plates to get the best photo of your food. The round will keep the food in the main subject in the photo by drawing all the attention towards it. 

Moreover, consider buying plates with low rims to make it easier to click on low-angle shots, such as fancy plastic plates.