Cocktail Party Hosting Tips & Drink Menu Ideas

We all love cocktail parties! They are refreshing, stress-free, and allow you to get together with your friends and have a great time. However, if you haven’t attended a cocktail party this summer or want to attend another one, it would be great to throw one by yourself.

However, if you find hosting a cocktail party stressful, then worry not. We have some simple tips to help you become the best host this season. We will also share some menu ideas, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Plan Ahead

Do as much work as you can the night before the event. That way, you will be able to serve your guests in the best way. You can slice fruits, prepare desserts, make centerpieces, and clean the glassware. You will have so much time left at the event that you can utilize doing other things.

Make a Positive First Impression

Remember, you need to create a lasting first impression. So your guests can take a positive vibe from you as soon as they enter the venue. You can start by sending snappy invites. But, first, send out an Evite that you can create using an Evite-making app.

Glam it Up

You want to greet the guests looking neat. It is a gesture that you are happy to meet them. Wear an elegant outfit that goes with the theme of your cocktail party and welcome your guests with a smile.

Get Pretty Linens

Pick a nice outfit for your table, just like you pick gorgeous attire for yourself. You can get a plain white tablecloth or a colored one - it’s totally up to you. Keep one thing in your mind; purchase a tablecloth before buying anything else for the table. It would make it easier for you to go with the color scheme.

Serve Appetizers in Fancy Servingware

Appetizers are a must for your cocktail party table, so your guests have something to munch. So keep up with the trend and make a charcuterie board with fruits, vegetables, nuts, meatballs, and cheese.

Make sure you get your hands on a fancy serving ware. It would make your appetizers serve beautifully.

Do Magic with Candle Lights

Candlelight has a magical element that even chandeliers don’t have. Illuminate your cocktail tables with candles to create an exceptional atmosphere. You can put tall candles in a candle holder and use them as a centerpiece on the table.

Make Flower Arrangements

No one can ever get bored of seeing flowers at an event. So they can be an option for your cocktail party. Handpick fresh flowers and place them in a tall glass. You can make several such flower glasses for the tables.

Play Some Good Music

Play some soft instrumental music in the background to keep your guests entertained throughout the event.

Set Up a Table for Take-Home Gifts

Making your guests feel important is one thing you want to do at your party. That includes giving them personalized gifts to take home. Prepare small gift packs for the guests and put them on a separate table. Tell them to take one with them as they leave the venue.

If It Stresses You Out, Don’t Do it!

Our goal is to help to host stress-free parties. You should not be stressing over anything. If you feel like something about your event is stressing you out, skip that and move on.

For example, you can use a furniture set you already have. You can even use decor supplies that you used in a previous event. It’s that simple!

If serving stresses you out, you can fill drink dispensers and put them on the table. Then, there’s no need to worry.

Choose Fancy Plastic Wine Glasses

You can’t serve cocktails in boring old glasses. There has to be some elegance involved. And we believe there is no better choice than our elegant plastic wine glasses. We are not saying that for no reason - our disposable plastic drinkware is made from premium-quality, BPA-free plastic, making it your number one choice. So take a look at our disposable wine glasses, and you will know.

Use the Right Glass

It’s necessary to have the know-how to serve cocktails in the right glass if you are throwing a cocktail party. For example, you can’t put Martini into regular drinkware.

Get lowball glasses for cocktails, narrow-bowled glasses for white wine, and tall glasses for red wine. In addition, we offer plastic wine glasses in bulk so you can serve several guests at once.

Nobody Likes a Diluted Cocktail

You don’t want to water down your cocktail with ice. It ruins the taste of the cocktail. Instead of ice, put the drinks in the refrigerator before mixing them. If you are making a fruit cocktail, freeze the fruit.

Consider Everyone’s Choices

You are hosting a cocktail party for many people - everyone will have their own choice of drinks. Being a good host, you should respect that. Include non-alcoholic beverages on the menu for non-drinkers and kids. After all, you want everyone to enjoy the event.

Cocktail Party Menu Ideas

If you haven’t decided on the menu yet, here are some beverages for a perfect cocktail menu.

Spiced Sangria

The main ingredients in sangria are pomegranate juice, orange juice, grape juice, soda, and sugar. And then cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and black tea bags are what make it spicy. 


Blend mint leaves, lime juice, soda, sugar, and ice to make a perfectly refreshing mojito. It is served best in stemless glassware. Top it off with mint leaves and lime slices.

Watermelon Margarita

Make this nutrient-rich margarita to freshen up your guests at the party. All you need is a can of soda, lime juice, a few mint leaves, and watermelon cubes.

Mai Tai

Give your cocktail party a tropical effect with Mai Tai. Use fresh fruit juices to bring out the real taste.


Muddle orange and lime to take out their juice. Blend it with ice cubes, mint leaves, and ginger beer. There you have it; a perfect cocktail to serve your guests.

You can also set up a bar at your cocktail party and serve all these drinks. Give your bar a professional look with a printed menu card.