Comparing Different Types of Disposable Cutlery

Hands down, disposable cutlery is one of the most used items in any dining. It is significant to look for premium quality plastic cutlery sets that elevate the level of your dining tables. Whether you are a restaurant owner, or want to throw a party for your friends, it is immensely important for you to know what type of disposable plastic flatware serves what kind of purpose and how are they different from each other? 

The difference in the Material 

Different types of plastic are used in making disposable plastic flatware, mainly polypropylene or polystyrene. These materials make the cutlery sets economical and widely available. These can be made environment- and health-friendly by manufacturing them without the use of BPA. The Kaya Collection is here with the most health- and budget-friendly elegant disposable silverware and disposable serving utensils, all made from BPA-free plastic, which means they are free from any kind of toxic chemicals.

Comparing Flexibility and Heat Resistance

Based on the materials used, plastic cutlery sets vary in their weights and sizes. Plastic cutlery sets made from polypropylene plastic offer more flexibility and are available in light to heavyweight. They have a heat resistance of up to 250°F, which makes them a widely used cutlery option. Polystyrene cutlery, on the other hand, is the most flexible option out there and can stand maximum bending and molding before it breaks. It can resist heat for up to 180°F. Our BPA-free fancy plastic flatware has them all; it is compact, sturdy, can withstand heat and cold, and are available in a variety of color and design options.

Difference Between Silverware and Goldware

Plastic silverware and plastic goldware are not really a new trend but give a traditional feel to your tables. Silverware or goldware do not necessarily mean that they are silver or gold plated, however, their shiny design can elevate the mood of any party table. Check out our shiny gold classic cutlery set and elegant disposable silverware and get them for your next event right away. Their chic aesthetics and beautiful colors will stand out and wow your guests.

Variation in Sizes

Just like variations in color, disposable plastic flatware comes in different sizes as well. The newest trend in the market is the mini fancy plastic flatware because of how cute it looks. Different sizes give you freedom of choice and allow different uses for different sizes. For instance, the disposable serving utensils are large, which makes them perfect for serving purposes.

Where to Get the Best Ones?

You might now want to opt for a cutlery set that is durable, compact, health-friendly, and most importantly aesthetically pleasing. But we guess you don’t have to go further. Get perfection delivered right at your doorstep with our fancy plastic flatware and disposable serving utensils. The charming aesthetics of our elegant disposable silverware will give your guests a clear notion that you have taken care of each and every aspect of table setting while planning out the event.