Create a Perfectly Pink Party Tablescape

The hottest colors in this season are blush pink and rose gold. They are giving us all the reasons to throw a pink party for our friends. You can host an intimate pink tea party with your friends and colleagues or a hot pink Barbie-themed birthday party for your baby girl.

Take that pink dress out, get ready to host a Pinkalicious Party, and set up an amazingly beautiful pink party table.

What You Will Need:

Here is your pink party table checklist to make this job easier for you:

For the Decorations:

  • Pink curtains, balloons, and balloon tape (for the mandatory backdrop)
  • Candles and candle stands
  • Light pink decorated pebbles
  • Large feathers in dark pink color
  • Clear plastic mason jar
  • Pink and white roses along with green foliage
  • Menu cards

For catering and serving:

  • Salad plates
  • Dinner plates
  • Bread plates
  • Serving trays
  • Flatware
  • Tablecloths
  • An additional pink chiffon fabric to ruffle and place on the tablecloth.
  • Pink napkins

For Beverages:         

Custom Menu Cards

There are a few apps that help you create custom menus for all your events. So you get to have the freedom of choosing your desired color and font. Plus, you can write something for your guests to read. It should relate to your theme like “Celebrating the different shades of pink” or “The Sky is Pink!” (referring to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s movie). Side note: you can write such texts on the invitations as well.

Pink Party Dinnerware

Your pink party table is incomplete without an elegant pink disposable plastic dinnerware. When you don’t have matching dinnerware for the decor, your entire theme is ruined. Take a look at our super adorable pink plastic dinnerware sets, and you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from making a purchase.

The Matte Fuschia plates will be the coolest shade of pink on your pink party table. Their matte finish gives that glam to the table.

Our disposable pink plates for birthdays are perfect for yours and your little one’s birthday. The beautiful combination of pink and gold attracts all the eyes and will become the focus of your event. Give your baby girl all the reasons to smile on her birthday with our pink disposable dinnerware.

Pink Table Centerpieces

There are different ideas when it comes to centerpieces. The traditional one being with the flowers. Take a clear mason jar and put pink and red flowers in it. Add that green magic with eucalyptus foliage.

Or another centerpiece you can make is by putting large pink feathers in a vase. Not only will this look magnificent, but also create height on the table.

For a pink wedding party table, make something a little different by placing artificial tree branches centerpiece on the table. Then, wrap it up with rose gold colored string lights, and you will have an elegant centerpiece right there.

The Mandatory Backdrop

For casual events, it is important to make a backdrop for the table as it elevates the entire look of it. Make a backdrop by using pink tissue or organza fabric and balloons in pink, rose gold and golden colors.

You can also make a sign like “Happy Birthday” or “It’s a boy/girl”, you get the idea. Get foam core from a dollar store and sketch the letters on it. Cut them out and spray paint them in pink or rose gold color. Hang it on the backdrop using a filament.

Set A Perfect Pink Party Tablescape

Here’s how you can set a perfectly pink party tablescape and give your guests a feeling of luxury.

Lay a pink table runner across the table. Place one of the above centerpieces on the table. Ruffle the pink chiffon fabric and place it around the centerpiece. On this ruffled chiffon fabric, put decorative pink pebbles in different sizes. They will shine when light falls on them giving an extravagant look.

Now is the time to set your tableware. In front of each seating, place a pink dinner plate in the center, dinner fork on the left side of it, dinner knife on the right side of the dinner plate and then the dinner spoon on the right side of the dinner knife.

Set the water glass on the top right corner, i.e. above the knife. Put the wine glass to the right side of the water glass. Now place a pink napkin on the dinner plate and tuck the menu in the napkin.

Voila! In only a few steps, your pink party tablescape is ready to impress everybody.

Serve appropriate foods and beverages on your pink party table, such as shaved apple and radish salad, creamy shrimp bisque, strawberry white chocolate cookies, strawberry milk, cranberry smoothie or cardamom rose cocktail.

Set Up a Pink Dessert Table

If you want to level up the decor even more, set up the dessert table separately. It won’t cost that much because you can use items already present in your house.

You will need:

  • A smaller table as compared to the dinner table, of course.
  • Fur fabric (to use as the table runner)
  • Party sign hanging over the table (we shall tell you how to make it cost effective)        
  • Lamp
  • Fresh flowers

The best part about setting up a dessert table is that you can put pretty much anything on it. Like, for example, spray paint an old vase, place some pink feathers on it and put it on the table as a centerpiece. It’s as simple as that.

A glittery hanging party sign over your small dessert table will elevate the looks of it. All you have to do is create a sign on your computer. Write captivating text like “Life is simple - Sweet and Pink!” or anything that reflects your personality. Then get it printed out in a large size and put it in a frame that you might already have or purchase a new one from a dollar store.

Make cupcakes in different flavors and place them on your dessert table in nice-looking cupcake stands. You can also make home-made sweet lollipops, pink chocolate chip shortbread cookies or a pink cake.