Differences Between Spring-Summer and Winter-Fall Events

Spring and fall seasons are both commonly known for the events they bring in our lives to celebrate. No doubt, every season has got its own set of events to celebrate, which one can’t deny at all. We must appreciate the cultural and traditional events which these seasons bring in order to keep them alive.

Every nation has its own cultural, traditional, or religious events which it follows and celebrates regularly. So, talking specifically about the Spring-Summer and Winter-Fall, we’ve got a list of epic events to celebrate in these seasons.

Spring-Summer Events

Most of the events might be new for you because they’re not in the mainstream event celebrations, but we’re to list some epic events to celebrate with your loved ones.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

The National Cherry Blossom Festival event starts at the end of March and continues for 3 weeks. You can throw a party by decorating your indoor setting with cherry blossom flowers - it would be an epic party décor. The national cherry blossom festival is usually conducted to strengthen the friendship between the United States and Japan.

Portland Rose Festival

This is one of the most long-lasting festivals, which stretches out from March to June in Portland. This event is more like an umbrella of other events as well. People gather around and perform a lot of interesting activities like the Avenue of Roses Parade and Awakening of the Dragon.

But in the era of the pandemic, we would suggest you celebrate it at your home with your loved ones by throwing a rose festival party. You can decorate your table setting with roses to bring that vibe to the table.

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Fall-Winter Events

Most of the common and popular events are Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Harvest events. Throwing some Halloween-themed parties can be the most thrilling idea. You can ask your guests to get their creepy costumes with them. 

Halloween Celebration

Moreover, a theme related to Halloween would literally ignite the entire vibe. So, the Fall season is more popular because of Halloween. Make sure you’re focusing on the ambiance of your Halloween rather than other aspects of the party. No doubt, the food should be your main concern as well. Let’s make that easy for you!

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Bonfire Celebration

Along with Halloween, Bonfire and Harvest events are also quite interesting to celebrate. Both these events can best be celebrated in outdoor settings. Especially the bonfire setting with background music and a bunch of your loved ones sitting in a circle has no match!