DIY Cute Mini Pumpkins

Halloween is about to arrive, and the preparations for the Halloween parties are at their peaks. Pumpkins and fall are Halloween's synonyms. As the fall comes, pumpkins start showing up everywhere with their unique shape and orange seasonal color. Dying cute mini pumpkins is a fun activity and a great way to dress up your home for the upcoming Halloween event. Dyin mini pumpkins might sound old school or boring, but what about coming up with modern ideas for decorating them? There are plenty of ways you have heard of before, and you should definitely try them to light up your home for Halloween.

Table Decor with Mini Pumpkins

We all adore the mini pumpkins as full-sized pumpkins. As Halloween comes near, we feel eager to put them all over the home to dress it up properly for this great event. Mini pumpkins look cute and decor-worthy. They can come in handy to do your table decor but before dying them with your creativity is a hurdle you will have to pass. Simply unleash your instincts and think about what you can put on those little cute mini pumpkins. If you are good at painting, paint them with vibrant colors and set a few of them on the dining table - so they elevate your dining table. 

Moreover, if you are planning an epic Halloween party, grab a few mini pumpkins and also some dry ice to add the smoky filter to your Halloween theme party. Carve them and choose whatever shape you like. Take a favor from dry ice, add it in warm water to generate the smokey and spooky vibes in the party environment. Put the dry ice bowl or use disposable mini plates, place it inside the carved mini pumpkin and let the magic happen. It will surely wow your guests and turn on their party mood. 

Another way to make additions to your table decor, grab the dyed pumpkins ( you can paint the pumpkins as donuts) and place them in a bowl or use the elegant disposable mini plasticware

Mummy pumpkins

Mummies of anything really give the spooky vibes, and especially if you are looking forward to throwing an epic party with scary decorations, then this is what you should be doing. Moreover, if you hate carving mini pumpkins as it's time-consuming, try this one, grab mini pumpkins and start wrapping them with a white cloth. Wrap them - so they portray a mummy look. Just wrapping them properly and giving them eyes will get the job done for you. 

Dipped in Glitter

Enough pumpkins decorations for a spooky party. Simple mini pumpkins with decent vibrant colors would suit your party theme. Painting the mini pumpkins with vibrant, colorful paint and then dipping the stem in glitter will get the job done. The shine and vibrancy of them will be eye-catching for your guests. For such vibrant-looking mini pumpkins, use fancy mini partyware to alleviate your table decor.