DIY: How to Make Christmas Candles That Look Fancy but Are Affordable?

Candles, candles, and candles! Candles are our saviors whenever we need clarification about lighting our parties and events. They set the mood for any kind of party, be it a birthday party, Christmas party, Thanksgiving or Halloween.  

We all realize that candles bring more to a home than light and scent. They not only suit the chilly winter months but also light a fire of inspiration in our souls.

They keep adding beauty all year long. Candles produce a poetic and relaxing atmosphere that everyone longs for with their soft glow, shadow, scents, and presence.

It goes without saying that candles are important for Christmas. But this Christmas, instead of rushing to the market to buy your favorite Christmas candles, you can customize your own fancy candles without wasting your money using our amazing tips.  

1. DIY Christmas Candles with Mason Jar

Our second DIY Christmas candle is an easy one. To make this Christmas candle, you need a mason jar, an old tin, some taper candles, and a lid. You can start off by melting some taper candles in a tin over a medium flame. Make sure that the flame is not high. Since you are decorating Christmas candles, it's better to stick with red or green colors.

After the wax is melted, remove the flame. Remember to add the candle wick and ensure it fits into your mason jar. Pour the melted wax into the mason jar and let it harden. Now it's time to decorate the lid.

Take a fancy Christmas wrapping sheet and cut a circle from it. Make sure that the size of the circle is equal to the lid. Now paste this circle on the back of the lid, and you will get a beautiful candle with a lid. You can keep the lid on top or decorate it beside the candle.

2. DIY Three-Layered Christmas Candle

This Christmas candle is very easy to make. All you need is a fancy glass jar or a small vase, some crayons (red and green), and white candles, and you can nail this DIY Christmas candle. For this candle, first, you have to melt some white candles and pour the melted wax into the glass jar.

Let it dry, and after it's hardened, it's time to add our second layer of wax. For this, melt some white candles and add a red crayon to get red wax. Then, remove it from the heat and add the red candle wax on top of the white layer.

Now, we are left with our final layer of wax. Mix a green crayon with white candles and melt it over medium heat. Remove it from the heat and pour the green wax on top of the red one. Your perfect three-layered Christmas candle is ready.

To spruce it up, you can decorate this Christmas candle on top of a charger plate. But, of course, it's better to use plastic charger plates for decorating candles. The Kaya Collection sells a variety of charger plates in different colors so you can get your favorite charger plates for Christmas.

Decorate this candle on a charger plate, and to make this look more beautiful, add some faux acorns, pine cones, artificial green Christmas ferns, and a few red Christmas baubles around it. This is how easily you can turn ordinary white candles into something amazing yet affordable.

3. DIY Floating Candles with Plastic Bowls 

Floating candles are another great idea to transfer simple candles into special ones. All you need is a transparent plastic bowl, water beads in green and red color, water, and some votive candles. 

Make sure the bowl is made of plastic so the children can be safe around them. If you need to know where to get these clear round disposable plastic bowls, then you can visit The Kaya Collection and order your favorite plastic bowls.

Take a plastic bowl and add some water to it. Next, add red and green water beads in it, and finally, add votive candles into it. Finally, your amazing floating candles are ready.

4. Christmas Candles Decorated with Plaid Ribbons and Ferns

Christmas candles decorated with ferns, pine cones, and plaid ribbons are a brilliant idea to turn ordinary candles into something amazing and wonderful. To achieve this look, you must put candles in a glass jar and decorate them on a charger plate or tray. After this, add green ferns, pine cones, and plaid ribbons around the glass jars, and you will nail this fantastic look. 

5. DIY Gold Glitter Dipped Candle

These golden candles are the easiest to make. For this, you need to get some white pillar candles. Then, cover them with glue and dip these candles in golden glitter.

Next, paste yellow bows on these candles and attach small Christmas baubles.

6. DIY White Christmas Candle with Red Beaded Ribbon

For this Christmas candle, take some white pillar candles and wrap red beaded ribbon around them from the top to the bottom to complete their look. You can wrap them in a criss-cross pattern or as you like.

After you have finished wrapping them up, decorate them on a plate or a tray with faux acorns and red and silver Christmas baubles.

7. DIY Snowman Christmas Candle

Christmas and snowmen are made for each other, so it's time to make some snowman Christmas candles. You need some white pillar candles for this. Take two pieces of brown plastic string and fold them. Attach these pieces to the candle to make the arms of the snowman.

Next, you must take a plaid Christmas ribbon and wrap it around the candle to make it look like a snowman's muffler. In the end, paint its eyes and nose using your favorite colors and markers. Finally, your perfect snowman Christmas candle is ready.

8. DIY Snowflake Christmas Candle

To make snowflake Christmas candles, you need red candles. However, if you don't want to buy red candles, you can make your own candles by mixing red crayons with white candles and melting them on a medium flame. After this, paste some small Christmas snowflakes on these candles, and you can get Christmas candles in no time.

9. DIY Cardboard Christmas Candle

To make this candle, you need to cut a big piece of cardboard in a circle and paint it with your favorite color. Next, add a couple of red candles to it, leaving some space between them.

You can keep adding and mixing small Christmas trees, pine cones, green ferns, faux acorns, and Christmas baubles between the candles to fill the space. This will totally energize your Christmas candles, and you can amaze everyone.