DIY Wedding Party Decor

Say Hello to Spring Weddings and get ready to get into the charm of freshness with fragrant flowers everywhere. If your wedding is coming up, get your partner involved in the decorations and do it all by yourself. It will give you an enormous amount of satisfaction, and you two will be able to have some time together before the start of an altogether new life.

The ambiance of your wedding should be in a way that the moment your guests enter the venue, they should be wowed! If you think you are not as creative and crafty to decorate your wedding venue, don’t worry. Here are some simple and alluring wedding decor ideas that can make an ordinary setting into a special one without having to put much effort in.

Curtains Hanging from the Trees

Outdoor spring weddings are the best, and you get to feel the fragrance of the flowers to a great extent. Moreover, nature does a lot of decor for you. From tall branches of trees, drape beautiful curtains to create an exceptional look. That could be a perfect spot for your photoshoots as well.

Curtains on Bamboo

If you are having an indoor wedding and you want to have that effect of curtains and trees, you can easily create one. Grab bamboos and curtains because things are about to get real. Place two bamboos vertically at least five feet apart from each other. Horizontally place a bamboo on top of these two to join them. Now put curtains on them and add a bit of greenery on the sides. Some flowers placed at the bottom of this decor piece will complete the look.

DIY Table Decor

Party tables are meant to be decorated as beautifully as the venue. If only you get elegant tableware, you can make your tables look extraordinary. The newest trend in the tableware market is disposable mini partyware for weddings. The Kaya Collection brings you the best collection of wedding mini partyware that makes your wedding decor process a cinch.

Have a look at our fancy disposable mini ware, and you will be amazed by the fact that how beautifully they are designed. With a floral centerpiece and some candles, they will look pretty beautiful.

Decor with Lights

Use different types of lights to create an exceptionally beautiful scene. Hang string lights from the ceiling as well as use lamps for decor.

Make Pinwheels

Make vibrant, bold, and colorful pinwheels and display them in mason jars. It will be an interesting activity, and the tables will also look elegant.

Polaroid Pictures of Your Memories

Create a section where you have polaroid pictures of you and your partner. You can also keep this a secret and surprise your partner when you are done completing this section. Make sure it has all the memories of you two together. You can also place some signs that say some things that your partner had ever said to you to make you feel special or the things you want to tell them on this day.