Eco-Chic Wedding Party Ideas

A wedding day is a lovely day, and people love to try new and unique things at weddings. There are hundreds of crazy ideas to try on your wedding, but the most trendy one is an eco-friendly wedding.

The nature-themed decor and green decorations make a wedding more enjoyable, and there’s a special vibe in it. We’ve enlisted some of the most amazing party ideas that you can try to turn your ordinary wedding party into a trendy one.

Pick an Eco-Friendly Location

Rather than spending your money on booking an expensive wedding hall, you can choose an eco-friendly location as your wedding venue. It can be a nearby beach, riverbank, or mountain top.

But make sure your guests are comfortable with the location. If you live near the coastline, choosing a beach as your wedding venue can be a great way to make your wedding eco-friendly.

It’s always recommended that you check the weather forecast before making any decision.

Send Customized & Eco-Friendly Invitation

You don’t have to print fancy and traditional wedding cards to invite your guests. You can choose a contemporary way to invite your guests by using Electronic Invitations. There are hundreds of templates that you can use to create your very own customized wedding invitations.

You can also hire a freelance designer and share with him the artistic ideas that will not only help you create an eco-friendly electronic invitation card but also make your guests feel loved with customized letters.

These electronic invitations can have their favorite picture printed on them. It can either be their family photo or their pet’s photo. You can be artistic when it comes to sharing your thoughts with a graphic designer.

Built-In Decor

Look for spaces that already have what you’re looking for. You can save a lot on decoration if your venue is already equipped with all those floral arrangements. Contact the owner of a nearby botanical garden and ask if he’s comfortable sharing some space with you as a wedding venue.

The floral decor would make your day bloom like fresh flowers, and similarly, you can look for similar locations that have a unique built-in decor.

Sustainable Meals

When it comes to throwing an eco-friendly wedding party, preparing sustainable meals can be a great idea. You don’t have to think much about sourcing food items. You can simply add delicious vegetarian, vegan, or seasonal cuisine items to the list.

If you want to add a flavor of protein, ask about the local farmers and how they source their protein intake. The idea behind preferring locals is that following their recommendations will leave less carbon footprint.

Now that you’ve selected your meal choices, you should also think about serving them in style. And nothing’s more stylish than our eco-chic palm leaf plates. Throwing an eco-friendly wedding party without compostable plates for weddings is not a wise decision at all.

So, use our rustic leaf plates for weddings to make your weddings feel more natural.