Eco-Friendly Plates Your Guests Will Love

Planning a party isn't a piece of cake for anyone, as there are many things involved, from decorating it to shaping a menu and then serving it elegantly on the table. For most, the party aesthetics, the coordinating theme, and ambiance are a way to make the party stand out, but your table is a place where your guests would spend most of their time sitting around it

Your tableware choice can make a massive difference in the display when it comes to the table. It can take it from a casual look to an upscale presentation. 

The plates play a significant role in providing a symmetrical and polished look to your table. When choosing the plates for your party or commercial use, the list is endless, but if we talk about the top trending ones in the market, the eco-friendly plates are the show's star. 

Nowadays, commercial food businesses, caterers, and restaurants prefer to use eco-friendly plates. You might ask, it's a marketing strategy to withstand consumer demand. But, the facts and figures tell the opposite story entirely, and it seems like humans are now more concerned about going green. 

Here's a list of some of the best top-notch eco-friendly plates that'll make your table display stand out in the scene and provide a spectator with a pleasing look. 

Eco-Friendly Palm Leafs Plates

The palm leaf plates seem to be lying on the top of the eco-friendly plates list. However, these are pretty popular these days not just because of their affordable factor but because of the ultimate practicality they offer. 

Finding the ultimate eco-friendly serving companion literally isn't an easy task in a world full of landfills, as going green isn't our first priority. However, the palm leaf plates offer you to ultimately go green with the bonus of being disposable. 

As the name suggests, the palm leaf plates are made of leaves that are naturally dropped and collected, rinsed, compressed, and then molded heatedly. This means that there isn't any deforestation involved in the manufacturing process. Hence you can say the actual manufacturing process is eco-friendly. 

The palm leaf plates are durable and sturdy enough to hold heavy meals. Just consider them as your regular formal plates but except going green. The palm leaf plates can withstand high heat and be used in the microwave. 

The wooden-grain texture of the plates enhances the plates' profile and makes them the perfect choice for all types of upscale events. 

If you are looking for eco-friendly biodegradable leaf plates, don't look further than The Kaya Collection. We have a wide variety of palm leaf plates in different designs and shapes, from the conventional round plates to the square plates. And the best part is; that you'll get your plates at your doorstep. 

Partition Round Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Dinner Plates

Whether hosting a cocktail party or planning a picnic party, partition round plates will help you serve multiple food items in just one serving ware piece. 

At picnic parties, carrying a pile of plates makes it quite challenging as no one would like to carry a bag of plates while going for a party. This is where the partition round palm leaf plates kill the hassle and let you serve everything on a single plate. 

Apart from the picnic parties, they are also best for buffet parties, cocktail parties, and tea parties. Since the cocktail party's menu is short, the partitioned round palm leaf plates are perfect for serving multiple snacks and other food items at once. 

The bonus is; that it doesn't only bring ease for the host but also for the guests, as they wouldn't need to make the short trip for refilling. 

The plates are durable enough to hold multiple courses. In addition, the wooden-grain texture provides the plates a natural look and makes them the perfect serving ware option for upscale parties to add a "wow" factor. 

Square Palm Leaf Disposable Eco-Friendly Buffet Plates

The eco-friendly industries have evolved with time, resulting in a diverse variety of all types of table settings. If you plan a buffet table setting for your event, look no further than these square palm leaf buffet plates.

The square shape of the plates is a unique feature of their profile and makes it easier to achieve a symmetrical look from your table. If you are a food photographer, who loves to click epic food photographs for Instagram after setting up an elegant table, the square-shaped plates always work best. 

Moreover, a buffet table requires a lot of plates which means a pile of plates to wash at the party. But not with these plates, as they are entirely disposable and can be discarded like any other disposable item. 

Whether you plan buffet table settings or just want to try something new for your table space, you should consider these perfect plate sets. 

Round Palm Leaf Disposable Eco-Friendly Dinner Plates

If the square-shaped palm leaf plates weren't enough to excite you, then have a look at these round palm leaf disposable dinner plates. These are similar to conventional round plates but except being eco-friendly. 

Round palm leaf plates offer the ultimate practicality, as most people find round-shaped plates comfortable for them. You can use them for casual settings to upscale parties settings. 

Whether you are hosting a casual dinner party for friends and family or inviting business associates for a lunch party, these eco-friendly plates are the perfect way to serve them with style without affecting nature. 

These are also the best disposable plates for wedding parties, baby showers, bridal bashes, holiday feasts, professionally catered events, and special occasions and can become the show's star. These can easily be paired with the rustic and vintage table theme. Just be creative with the party's theme and make these plates coordinate with the decor to make the table stand out in the scene.