Eco-Friendly Summer Party Tips

Maintaining sustainability in your parties is not as difficult as it sounds. People tend to think of it as daunting because they don’t do it regularly. But if you make a firm decision to save Mother Nature, it becomes super easy to do. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday, a bridal shower, or a simple summer day out with friends, eco-friendly tableware and sustainable decor together make a perfect party. 

Kaya Collection has come up with some genius tips and tricks to throw an eco-friendly yet elegant summer party. Our eco-friendly tableware and disposable palm leaf dinnerware are all you need to throw a chic, sustainable party. 

Invite Over Email

According to Global Forest Resource Management, almost 80,000 to 1,60,000 trees are cut every single day to provide for the paper industry. Therefore, it is better to avoid using it on invitations to make your party 100% eco-conscious. Instead, send everyone cute invitations by email.

Rethink Your Decor

There are tiny details in a party decor where you can miss something, which is not good for the environment. Use nature to decorate your party space; get indoor plants and freshly bloomed flowers right from your garden. Decorate a perfect tablespace with our disposable palm leaf dinnerware, which includes complementing compostable cutlery setsdisposable eco-friendly traysbiodegradable party plates, and bagasse eco-friendly plates.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Tableware

The disposable palm leaf dinnerware provides aesthetics combined with sound health with its natural healthy materials. Serving food elegantly is another thing that most party hosts lack and don’t realize is immensely important. Our biodegradable party plates, disposable eco-friendly trays, and bagasse eco-friendly plates are perfect serving-ware for your party table.

The white color of these bagasse eco-friendly plates makes the color of the food pop out better. We make sure your table doesn’t miss anything, so we have created robust, compact, and compostable cutlery sets.

DIY Eco-Friendly Games

Play exciting games with your friends and that too, in a sustainable way. Nurture your love for eco-friendly games, and don’t make a mess while playing. You can make a DIY paper plate toss or a tic tac toe with our biodegradable party plates. You will get to do some craft as well as enjoy thoroughly with these new ideas.

Adopt Recycling

After you are done celebrating on a fine summer day, there is one last responsibility you have on your shoulders, i.e., recycling. Put the disposable eco-friendly trays and other items you got right into a recycle bin. This is the last yet the most important step as the non-compostable disposable items end up becoming a permanent part of the ecosystem.