Elegant Blue Wedding Inspiration

Are you in the mood for a blue-tiful wedding setup?

Turquoise, cyan, neon blue, baby blue, royal blue, cadet blue, and more - all shades of blue are lovely. So much so that people want to incorporate these shades in their weddings.

The best part about this color is that it goes well with almost all colors. You can pick any color from the palette, and it will combine perfectly with blue.

Are you dreaming about a perfect blue wedding? We have some epic ideas and inspirations to help you throw an elegant blue wedding.

Blue and White Invitation Cards

Nothing competes with the beautiful combination of royal blue and white. You can also make dusty blue-colored invitations. Think of a royal blue envelope with a white card. The text should be blue or golden. You can also draw silver flowers at the corners of the card.

If you are planning on sending virtual invites, use an app. You can select color combinations, text, background, and add stickers. It barely takes 10 minutes to make an invite, and then you can send it to everybody.

The Wedding Attire

For the bride’s dress, tiffany blue or sapphire blue look magical. You can also mix the different shades of blue in one gown, for example, a baby blue dress with royal blue ends. Or a dusty blue dress with white lace.

The groom should wear a darker color than the brides wear. Like royal blue, navy blue, or midnight blue. The trend of matching shades for the bride and groom is not there anymore.

Remember, it’s your wedding, and you are free to use whatever color combinations you want. Just make sure the colors go well with the decor.

Magical Blue Decor

The blue wedding decor looks dreamy. Hang light blue curtains all over the place. For color breakage, install white net or organza curtains over the blue ones. A blue chandelier would make your setting wonderful. You can also fill up the venue with overhead blue string lights.

The blue color represents tranquility and serenity. In relationships, it symbolizes peace, calmness, and open communication. So the blue lights will show that you want to explore the world with your partner. Besides all that, it appeals to the eyes.

Use blue macrame hangings for the walls. You can buy macrame hangings online or make them by yourself. The good thing is that you can use them to decorate your home later.

Decorate the chairs with a white cover and light blue ribbons.

Elegant Blue Tablescape

Your tables are something that people notice the most. There’s no point in decorating the venue if the wedding tables look boring. Instead, adorn them with elegant blue elements so they are prepared for your blue wedding.

Lay a solid blue tablecloth on the table. It depends on how much blue you want on the table. If you are going for a subtle look, get a white or baby blue tablecloth. And if you want to go all out with blue, then you are free to use as much dark blue as you want. 

For the centerpiece, take blue bottles and put white-colored flowers in them. Make two to three such pieces and place them on the table. For an extravagant effect, use a white vase with blue patterns.

Something is missing on your blue wedding table - the dinnerware. You need the most exquisite disposable plates for weddings. Believe us; nothing adorns your tables as much as some fancy plastic plates. Get elegant disposable wedding plates from here.

You can find dinnerware in almost all colors at The Kaya Collections, so you don’t have to worry about matching the different pieces. Also, these disposable wedding party plates offer an easy cleanup, so you don’t have to pay for cleaning services.

For a blue and white theme, get China-like wedding plastic plate sets. The beautiful patterns make them a perfect choice for your blue wedding.

Get cutlery, glasses, and serving dishes in colors that complement your theme. For example, put blue-colored napkins on the plates.

The Wedding Cake

It’s time to display your wedding cake to the guests. Everybody has been waiting to see it. You don’t want to disappoint them with a basic cake.

Since everything at your wedding is perfect, the cake should be blue and beautiful. Get a three-tiered cake whose top and bottom tiers are blue, and the middle one is golden. Place cake toppers on it that say “Her & Him.” Place edible red and gold flowers at each tier.

We have another beautiful cake idea for you. Make a blue and silver marble cake with a touch of gold at each tier. That would look so beautiful that your guests wouldn’t take their eyes away from it.

Decorate the cake table with foliage and flowers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be blue; you would have to break the color somewhere.

Blue Spring Wedding

Spring calls for subtle, light shades of blue. Think of shades like serene blue, tiffany blue, Turkish blue, and Maya blue. All of them are just the right choice for spring. The decor is also low-key.

Dried blue floral arrangements are a perfect choice for a spring wedding. They make beautiful bouquets, arches, and table centerpieces.

Wear that serenity blue dress, grab some dried blue flowers, and pose for a perfect photo in the spring sunlight.

Blue Winter Wedding

One way to get rid of your ‘Winter Blues’ is by hosting or attending a blue-themed wedding. Ice blue is a good choice for a winter wedding.

Decorate with fake snow hangings and ice blue curtains and lights. You can also install white snow lights. Finally, put artificial tree branches on the table as the centerpiece.

Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration

Dusty blue is our favorite color for weddings. It is the definition of aesthetic! You can easily pull it off in any season, no matter how subtle or maximal your decor is. It is equally popular in the fashion industry, so finding a dusty blue dress is not a big deal.