Elegant Chargers That Will Upgrade Your Party's Table Settings

Charger plates are the heart of any formal table setting. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also act as a base for dinner plates and salad plates. They are decorated and look sophisticated when arranged on a formal party table. They are available in almost all colors and designs to entice your party tables. You can mix and match the colors of charger plates and other dinnerware on the table. Let us walk you through a complete guide to getting the most elegant charger plates from our store and how to use them.

Charger Plate Material

Charger plates are available in different materials. The kind of material they are made of decides their durability, strength, use, and price. The most common ones are disposable plastic and paper charger plates. The thing with disposables is that they are versatile and can be used on all kinds of occasions, and they also match your party theme.

Another plus point of using disposable plastic charger plates or disposable paper charger plates is that they don't need to be washed once the party is over. You can throw them away in a recycle bin and enjoy a guilt-free cleanup.

Use Chargers for Decor

Chargers sure perform practical uses, but why not kill two birds with one stone? You can use charger plates for aesthetic reasons as well. Our fancy disposable charger plates are the best thing you can get if you want your party tables to stand out. Their design and texture are what make them unique and irreplaceable.

Get our red-colored round disposable paper charger plates along with our turquoise-colored dinner plates to create a bold, fierce color combination. You can also give a retro touch to your tables by incorporating white and black dinnerware with these red charger plates. If you are a fan of maximalism and want to go all out with it, try a combo of red and purple, and you will love the result.

Another exquisite item that we have for you is white with gold marble disposable paper charger plates that are available in both round and square shapes to help you choose the one that suits your party theme well. They give off a gorgeous look on a minimal, as well as a bold party table. The touch of gold in white is what makes these charger plates uniquely beautiful.

Next off, we have 13' gold round disposable charger plates and 13' gold square edge beaded disposable charger plates. The gold color gives your events a traditional, sparkly touch. Their use is versatile, which means you can get them and pull off any theme, and they won't go wrong. They look beautiful with all colors of dinnerware.

Set the mood of a wedding party table with our 13' silver square edge beaded charger plates. Pair them with white plates and our elegant disposable cocktail glasses to put everything together. For more ideas and inspirations for color combinations, visit our website.