Entertaining Made Easy: 10 Ways to Throw a Successful Party

Throwing a successful, entertaining party is the dream of every host out there. A common misconception among people is that money makes a party fun. That is so not true! We've been to extravagant parties and returned wondering why that party was so dull. We're sure you can relate too. So, it's not really about the money, but the little details people miss.

We'll tell you ten ways to throw an epic party - which don't involve a pile of money.

1. Enticing Decor

Decorate your party venue to convert it into something dreamy. Use all the pretty elements to decorate it: lights, greenery, flowers, table centerpieces, and hanging banners. The combination of candlelights, flowers, and foliage can easily decorate any party.

We're emphasizing the decor because it's the first thing your guests will notice. But, as they say, "First impression is the last," you gotta make it eye-catching.

Follow a theme; it can be based on a movie or a color. Have fun with it by mixing and matching different elements to create a beautiful venue. Get the right plasticware sets to make the tables match the theme.

2. Curate a Bouncy Playlist

The vibe your event has is the most important of them all. You can make it energetic by playing likable music. Create a playlist a week before the event with songs of everyone's taste.

If you don't know what songs everyone would like, make a list of your favorite songs. Or even better, mix it all up. For example, put all the energetic dance songs in one playlist and play them at the party.

Another thing that you can do is directly ask your guests what they would like to hear. Then, when your guests enter, greet them and ask, "What should I play for you?" it would be a good interaction.

3. Start Big

As we said before, first impressions last throughout the event. Therefore, you should make your guests feel positive energy when they enter your party. It will make them feel special and uplift their mood.

Greet them with a smile and offer something to drink. You can also write a small welcome note and hang it at the entrance. Tell the guests how happy you are with their presence.

4. Mix Up the People

Pe prepared to have a crowd that has both introverts and extroverts. A lot of people won't even know each other. That is where your hosting skills are needed. Take the opportunity to introduce your guests. Try bringing like-minded people together and let them have a chat.

You know that one extrovert friend who can get along with anyone. Let them talk to the silent members of the party and make them comfortable.

Being a good host, be available to everyone. Approach them from time to time to ask them if they're comfortable and have a little chat with them. That concern is what makes your guests feel at home.

5. Serve the Guests With the Best

Spend a considerable amount of time when deciding on a menu. Include a variety of dishes on the menu to satisfy everyone. Try more of the 'make-and-store' recipes so you can cook less and enjoy more at the party.

Once you've made the menu, think about serving it in a way that complements the recipes. You'll need elegant disposable plasticware in colors that match your party's theme. Getting plasticware products that complement the rest of the decor is essential to creating good vibes.

If you're wondering where to get the best plasticware for parties, head to The Kaya Collection's website.

Be caring enough to respect everyone's choices. For example, if some of the guests are vegan, prepare delicious vegan dishes. And if you know your guests don't drink, skip the alcohol and serve bubbly mocktails to save the day.

6. Capture Candid Photos

What stays when the party is over? Photos and memories associated with them! You should make plans to capture gorgeous photographs.

You don't have to make a photo booth for that purpose. However, your whole should be so beautifully decorated that anyone can take a photo anywhere.

If you want to make a photo booth, think of tall candleholders on the floor (tall refers to human-sized candleholders) or a combination of balloons, drapes, and foliage.

A bonus tip here: print out all the photos and send them to the guests with a thank you note. That will have such a good impact on them.

7. Play Games

Party games are one of the best ways to bring laughter to an event. They are the secret to throwing a successful informal party where everyone can get along with each other while playing.

The best games, in our opinion, are the classic ones: charades, blindfold taste tests, putting the tail on the donkey, and the rubber chicken.

8. Dance!

What's a party with everyone sitting the whole time and not shaking their bodies? Play EDM and give everybody the chance to dance! You can hire a DJ or play the right songs yourself.

Don't force anyone to dance! If someone is not feeling like dancing, don't insist on them. 

9. Plan Something Extra

A successful party has unique elements that make it extraordinary. So get creative with your decor and hosting skills, and think of ideas that can up your party game.

Think of decorating an ice cream trolley instead of serving it as it is. Or create a floral wall instead of putting flowers in a vase. For a breakfast or brunch party, think of building a donut wall. You can think of many unique ideas if you put your mind to them.

10. Give Unique Party Favors

Gifts always feel lovely to receive. Think of something you can give your guests as a token of love. Express your gratitude by writing a heartfelt note with the gift. Thank them for taking the time out to attend your party.

It's the Little Things that Matter!

We just told you our top 10 tips for throwing a successful and entertaining party. But, to put it all together - we say - it's the small things that can take your party to another level.