Everything You Need to Know About Disposable Servingware

Disposable serving wares are among the most widely used from commercial use from restaurants to street cafes or upscale parties when hosting a large crowd. This is because they're one of the market's most convenient and inexpensive serving ware. 

Whether you are starting a new food business or want to throw a large upscale party but can't figure out the most reasonable and practically beneficial serving ware, we have covered you with our extensive guide that'll make you go through each and every aspect of the disposable serving ware. So now you can make a wise decision that's best for your interest - keep reading!

Why is Disposable Servingware so Popular? Benefits of using Disposable Serving Wares

Did you ever wonder why disposable serving ware is so popular? Well, let's give you an appropriate answer. 

Let's suppose you are throwing a wedding party and need to arrange plenty of serving wares that include plates, drinkware, cutlery, etc.; what options do you get to choose from? You can rent them out from the event from a commercial business or use yours. 

The second option might seem appropriate to you, as no one has serving wares in large quantities to serve a crowd at once. However, renting the serving wares for an event is also expensive, as the cost is relatively high per person. 

The average cost of serving ware for guests usually is $10, which might escalate depending on your living area. However, you can buy a stack of fancy disposable plates for just $20. Also, there wouldn't be any cleaning cost, as you can simply discard them just like the tissue paper.

That's why disposable serving wares are found to be one of the most convenient and beneficial serving wares. They come at a fraction of the cost, which makes them quite affordable for any budget. Also, a wide variety to choose from; be it any fancy party theme or catering business, you can find any type of disposable serving ware that'll coordinate with your party theme. 

They're Light Weight & Durable

When you are throwing a party or running a catering business, transporting the serving ware is another challenging story to tell. It's the next level of hassle to handle fragile ceramics or glassy tableware. However, disposable serving wares are way easier to transport. 

Since they are made of plastic material that is bendable and unbreakable on accident drops, you can easily transport them without being conscious about making them turn into pieces in your car's trunk. 

Offer Hassle-free Cleanup

Another factor that makes the disposal of serving ware so successful for the catering business and event planners are; hassle-free clean-up. When serving the guests reusable serving ware, it's a next-level headache to wash a pile of plates after a hardcore party.

However, when it comes to disposable serving ware, you have peace of mind; you can simply hit the bed right after saying farewell to the party guests. Plus, for the catering business holders, cleaning cost always comes, which makes the reusable serving ware even more expensive. 

Look as Elegant as Real Ones

What comes to mind when you read the word Disposable plastic serving ware? Maybe some cheap white disposable plates, right? But we aren't talking here about them. Instead, we discussed the fancy and elegant disposable serving ware that can elevate your party table's decor.

The plastic serving ware industry has evolved so much that they look exactly like the real serving ware that is reusable. If you use the disposable serving ware for your upscale party, trust us, your guests wouldn't be able to spot a difference if they are premium quality ceramics or disposable plastic serving ware. 

Kaya Collections' Disposable Serving Wares

Buying disposable serving ware might seem easy, but it gets frustrating when you can't find everything at once, which makes buying them time-consuming. 

If you are looking for disposable serving wares, look no further than the "The Kaya Collection." It's an online superstore that has a massive variety of disposable serving wares to choose from. Below are some of our best disposable serving ware, plates to classy cutlery sets, and elegant serving ware bowls.

Fancy Disposable Plates

We have a wide range of fancy and elegant disposable plates perfect for casual dinner parties to upscale events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. The huge variety means you buy the plates for any type of party theme that can come to your imagination. 

Be it a colorful plate for a patriotic touch to the memorial day or 4th of July party, or a bohemian party where you need to set up an elegant tablescape with premium quality plates. Our disposable collections start at $20 that contain a complete set of 10 plates. 

Disposable Stylish Drinkware

The drinkware is also one of the most widely used serving wares for catering and serving purposes. You can't set up a complete party tablescape with stylish or classy drinkware that can withstand your elegant serving ware. 

We also offer a wide variety of drinkware that come in different shapes, from elegant wine glasses to round plastic cups and mugs. The disposable drinkware starts from $4 with a set of 20 pieces. 

Disposable Serving Trays

When hosting a large crowd at an event, you would also need plastic serving trays to move food from the kitchen to the tables easier. The trays shouldn't lack anything and should coordinate with the other elegant party serving wares. 

We got a huge variety of serving ware trays and disposable serving bowls that come in different shapes, from the traditional square and rectangular shapes to oval and circular shapes, perfect for any type of party theme you're planning. 

How Can You Buy Disposable Serving Ware in Bulk? 

If you run a catering business or a restaurant, you would need to buy disposable serving ware in bulk to meet the daily demand. On the other hand, if you are a party lover who throws parties frequently, buying disposable serving ware is essential; you wouldn't have to make short trips for serving ware for parties each time you host guests. 

You can buy disposable plastic serving ware in bulk at Kaya Collection. So look around, choose your tableware companion, land the order, and we'll deliver it to your doorstep.