Everything You Need to Plan an Exquisite Memorial Day Party

The last Monday of May marks the memorial day, devoted to celebrating the day in the remembrance of those who served for the country's prosperity. The month of May is also an unofficial start of the summer season. 

It's the best time to throw BBQ parties and spend quality time with friends and family, as this is the perfect American style to celebrate this day. Also, it's the best way to spend the long holiday and take a break from your regular life. 

Can't get any ideas what to do on this day? We've got you covered with our innovative, modern, yet creative ideas. So stick to the end of this blog to reach a broader spectrum of how to plan and spend this day by throwing a Memorial day party.

Send out the Patriotic Invitation Cards

Before you start the actual planning of the party, work on the invitation cards for the party, as they will be the impression your guest will get. Be thoughtful about the invitations; instead of sending out the emails, consider sending out the decorative invitation cards to your people. 

It's a great way to incorporate the red, blue, and white colors of the flag into your invitation cards. 

Red, Blue, and White Party Menu

Once you have sent out the invitation cards, it's time to shape the party menu. Consider incorporating the red, blue, and white colors in your food items for memorial party day. It's a great way to show your love for the country. 

By saying the red, blue, and white party menu, you don't have to make the food red, blue, and white with food coloring, but it means adding the food items in these colors. 

Such as, you can serve the strawberry and watermelon mocktails at the party. Both have incorporated red colors, and you can get even the blue shade by coloring the ice cubes. It would be a perfect patriotic drink for the summer season to keep your guests refreshed throughout the party. 

You can prepare patriotic donuts as a dessert on your party menu. There are plenty of online tutorials available on the internet where you can learn the recipe, or else you can buy them online or at a nearby bakery. 

Serve Patriotic Pizza

Serving a patriotic pizza can be an excellent idea for a memorial day party. But, first, you need to make a regular pizza and then work on its top layer to add patriotic touches to it. 

You can create the stripes of the US flag with the white cream and add the strawberries or raspberries for the blue color. Get creative with the pizza decorations and make it patriotic, and your guests will love it. 

Dress up Your Party Space

Here's the essential part of the party which will make your home ready for the party. Decorate your place to transform the scene and make it look mesmerizing for your guests. To elegantly decorate your party place, it's just to follow up on the theme for your party. 

For creative and thoughtful theme ideas, take the help from the internet, as it's flooded with them. Moreover, when buying party decorations, the first thing you should focus on is the quality of the items. 

Don't buy the cheap party decor items, as they aren't suitable for long-term use. Instead, invest in something good like the wood lanterns perfect for styling up the summer parties. 

Style Your Party Table

Start off with spreading the fancy patriotic linens across the table. You can use the red and blue table runners across the table to prevent it from looking ordinary. Then, invest in good quality linens, you repurpose them for other holidays like the valentines days or the 4th of July. 

Add elegance to your table by placing the enchanting centerpieces. You can either make the centerpiece by yourself or can buy them online. Use the mini flags and the vases to create patriotic centerpieces for a patriotic vibe. 

If you plan to party till sunsets, use the decorative battery-operated table lamps to add the ambiance to your tablescape. 

Lighting up the candles would also be a great idea to add a glow. Finally, decorate the candle holder with blue and red paint and use the paper to create strips for perfect patriotic finishing touches. 

Lay down the Patriotic tableware

A perfect memorial day party table would be incomplete without patriotic tableware. When setting up the tablescape for memorial day, tableware can be used to incorporate patriotic touches into your tablespace. 

Lay down the patriotic tableware sets on your table, match them with the red, blue, and white linens, and set up an elegant patriotic tablescape for an epic party. 

Look for the premium plastic tableware as they are inexpensive, and sourcing the holiday disposable party tableware isn't an issue. 

Get the colorful plasticware at your fingertips from the "The Kaya Collection." We have a wide range of patriotic disposable tableware that is affordable to any budget. Plus, they are disposable, so cleanup wouldn't be an issue for you when finished with them. 

Plan Fun and Games Activities

Just because it's a memorial day party doesn't mean you have to watch boring TV shows. Instead, plan fun and games activities to keep the little ones and the elder ones engaged throughout the party. 

You can do it without spending on the equipment to arrange the fun activities. There are plenty of fun games that don't require any special equipment. 

For instance, plan a quiz contest among the little ones and ask them simple questions about the country. Then, make them compete for the trophy and give the winner a treat to take it home. 

Before leaving for the parade or fireworks show, arrange a little fun activity for the little ones, and provide them with the confetti, snow spray, and glow sticks. You can also give them a drawing book to paint with. And, for the big kids, provide them with items to decorate for DIY projects.