Fall Party: 5 Ideas for Fall-Themed Party Supplies

Whenever we think of hosting a party, the biggest confusion is choosing a theme. And when you do decide on a theme, the next big chunk is to decorate your home and tables accordingly. This makes so many people reluctant to throw a party.

However, we want you to have all the fun this fall season. For that reason, we have gathered some entertaining autumn party themes; and embedded 5 ideas within to incorporate fall supplies into those themes.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Is it even a fall party without pumpkins? Host an Autumn party and turn your home into a pumpkin heads house. Get a bunch of craft pumpkins from a dollar store and show your art skills by painting them or making something spooky.

#1: Pumpkin Centerpiece

To make a fall-appropriate centerpiece, you will need the following supplies:

- Craft pumpkin

- Knife

- Foliage

- Flowers

- Candles

Make a pumpkin vase by making a slit at the top part using a sharp-pointed knife. Put foliage and flowers inside it and place them on your dining table as a centerpiece. Pair it with a couple of candles for a complete look.

Play pumpkin ring toss with your kids to give them a memorable time. Announce a treat for the winner of exciting competition. Or host a pumpkin carving competition to give your kids a chance to show their creativity.

Apple Party Theme

An apple-themed party might seem intimidating to pull off - but believe us - it's actually very simple. You can do many things around this theme and host a memorable party.

#2: Colorful Apple Basket

Make a colorful apple basket to adorn your dessert table with. You will need the following supplies:

- Small woven basket

- Green apples

- Red apples

- Rubber tree leaves (or other large leaves)

Put green and red apples in a woven basket and arrange the rubber tree leaves on the sides. This will make a cute fruit basket along with an element of greenery.

There are endless options for serving a party table with apples. You can make apple pie, salad, apple caramel bar, fried apples with cinnamon, lamb chops with apples, and apple crisps. Serve these recipes in palm-leaf dinnerware colors that go well with the theme.

If your kid's birthday happens to be in the fall, host an apple-themed party for them. You can name it "Apple of My Eye Birthday Party." Decorate your home with balloons and pom poms, and serve apple cake and sparkling apple juice alongside.

It's Pie Season!

We love Autumn because we enjoy the most delicious pies, out of which apple pie and pumpkin pie are the most decadent ones. This party theme allows you to merge the apple and pumpkin themes.

You can also make a two-in-one apple pumpkin pie. Get the recipe for that here. Serve your luscious pie on eco-friendly plates that look so elegant that everyone will take a picture of them.

Ensure a sustainable fall celebration with compostable party supplies from The Kaya Collection. We make all your celebrations a cinch! Our extensive range of elegant plates, cutlery, bowls, and glassware goes with literally any party theme.

White Ghost-Themed Party

Turning into a swaggered white ghost wearing sunglasses has been the trend for quite some time now, but it seems we're not over it yet. A part of us still wants to put on a white sheet and black shades and pose. So why not set that as a theme for your fall party? That would be too cool!

#3: What You'll Need to Turn into a Cute Ghost:

You will need the following supplies:

- White sheets

- Black Sunglasses

- A black p-cap (optional)

- Scissors

Wear the white sheet over your head and ask a friend to mark marks on your eye area. Then, pinch that area with your fingers and cut a hole there. Repeat the same for the other eye. The sunglasses will make you look swaggy and cover the slits. And that's it!

Decorate your house with a white ghost hanging from the ceiling (sounds too spooky!). For the table centerpiece, put red roses in a pitch black-painted vase - it seems straight out of a movie! Finally, serve the food in white-colored disposable eco dinnerware to set the tables appropriately.

Cozy Movie Night

We think we can safely say that we all love movie nights with friends! They are fun and entertaining, and we get to eat the different popcorn flavors - it's complete entertainment.

#4: Fall Supplies to Create a Cozy Setup

Also, with the nights getting a bit chilly, they become an experience if you have a comfortable, cozy setup. Here are the supplies you'll need for a cozy backyard movie night setup:

- Blankets

- Cushions (optional)

- Popcorn maker

- Finger foods

- Biodegradable dinnerware (for sustainable reasons!)

- Refreshing drinks

- A charcuterie board (optional, but it'll add a lot of difference)

- Movie setup (speaker, projector, sound system, and a movie to play)

Make your fall movie night thrilling with a horror movie. There are many options to pick from; however, be careful with your movie choice if there are kids at the party.

Fall Leaves Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to end your party, and we cannot stress this enough. So why not give your guests something they can cherish later? Make DIY fall resin jewelry to impress them.

#5: DIY Resin Jewelry

Resin jewelry is effortless to make and looks oh-so-elegant. It's a perfect gift to give your guests when saying goodbye after the party.

You can easily make them by mixing crystal resin and crystal hardener in 2:1 volume and putting fall leaves or flowers in them. Here's what you'll need:

- Crystal hardener (1 part)

- Crystal resin (2 parts)

- Fall leaves or flowers of your choice

- Earring hooks

- Ice cube tray

- A bowl

Mix the crystal resin and hardener in a bowl and transfer it to an icecube tray (fill the ice cube molds to half). Carefully place the flowers and leaves on them, so they crumble. Let them set.

Once the resin has hardened, remove it from the molds and make a tiny hole using a heated needle. Pass an earring hook through it, and it's ready!