Holiday Party Decorating for Beginners

The holiday season is the best, and you set the mood by decking out your homes with decorations that perfectly match your purposes and ideas. 

Are you finally awoken from all year-round tasks and routines and want to enjoy your holidays to the fullest? Do you also want to feel the spirit of deeper self-appreciation for hosting a grand event for the holidays? 

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Holiday Party Looking Traditional 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started :).

Deciding a Theme

The theme is the essential element of all the preparations you are putting your efforts into and also serves as the deciding factor for how you should proceed. It represents a silent story and the purpose of the get-togethers, so deciding on a theme is a must-do thing. 

The traditional themes mostly used some particular color schemes like white, orange, rust, red, brown, or others of the same category. Choose classic colors as a theme and arrange and connect every other element with the decided scheme. You can also make variations by adding layers of shades and mixing and matching according to the purpose of your event. 


Lighting your house is a long tradition for almost all the holidays celebrated yearly. If you want to recede to the original classical traditions, use fire-prone candles or clay lamps, which get lit through oiling. 

You can even have adaptations to your event, like all the revelers out there, and use different sizes of bulbs and lanterns of either monochrome or different colors and have a traditional touch with the flavor of modernity. 


Do you want your guests to feel welcome right from the moment they step into your house? There can be nothing more overwhelming than hanging a wreath on your gates. 

You can use aromatic herbs, flowers, and dried leaves like pine cones and seasonal flowers to give your environment a fresh feel with a light and decent aroma. 

Using green or dried leaves with mini light bulb strings is another way to give a unique traditional look to your holiday decorations, as it is a well-preserved tradition to welcome your guests right from the doorstep with such hangings. 


Ornaments are a must-do for any holiday party. However, choose the best options according to your event's theme and taste. 

Colored and painted pinecones and dried stems perfectly fit traditional themed decorations. Use golden or silver colors to paint your accessories and spread them, or hang these as fit for the arrangement. 


Embellished cards can also be hung with green leaves or fresh thin stems giving it a woody and earthy feel. 

Glass or clay pots can also prove to be a holiday-worthy decoration idea. You can use clay pots and fill these with candles, pearls, petals, fruits, etc., as used by the ancestors. Glass pots can give a traditional vibe when used with trinkets, birched branches, and twigs. 

Decorating the Chimneys

Having a careful eye on the metals and chimneys is a long-living tradition, so decorating the metals on such occasions will take you years and centuries back. So enjoy while being in that traditional feel.

The use of pomegranates, natural pine cones, magnolia leaves, and feathers are perfect features of any holiday chimney adornment. Make a garland using the mentioned items and simply hang it or put it on the metal to dress up the specified area of your home. 

Pumpkins and Gourds

The autumn and fall seasonal shades like orange, yellow, red, golden, and brown all owe their popularity to the gourds of these seasons. Farmers of ancient times used to have gourds of these seasons stored for months and used later on for various purposes thus, and these fruits give a symbolic classical and traditional taste to your arrangements. 

As you all know, Pumpkins and gourds are perfect for all types of decorations and can be used in various ways to make your home look unique. 

You can use different-sized pumpkins and gourds on a platter as centerpieces for your tables or hang and spread them evenly or unevenly throughout the venue, contrasting the background theme selected according to your taste. 

Using Vintage Tableware and Cookware

Using vintage elements on your table and cookware makes your decoration look more extravagant. 

Use steel, copper, or other vintage crockery and cookware to give extra glam to the overall display of your holiday. Using such accessories not only gives you a classical, traditional look, but provides you with options to avail, match, or contrast with the linens and runners of your party. 

You can also opt for brass or copper centerpieces for your tables with motifs like butterflies, balls, stars, etc., and vintage chargers. Keep your linens simple and plain while playing with colors and ornaments that fit your desired contrast.  

Using Plasticware 

As good as all the utensils may look, they can be expensive, and you might lose them or break them quickly at a party. So we suggest you get plasticware instead. The best part about getting the plasticware sets is that they don't break easily and can look prettier than any traditional utensils. 

You can get disposable plasticware with elegant designs on your table and make it look even better. Having unique plasticware products will leave your guests awe-struck. Just get some nice plasticware for parties and have an epic holiday party. 

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