Host an Epic Yom Kippur Party

Yom Kippur marks Jewish people repenting sins they committed last year and praying for the coming year. They observe a 25-hour long fast on this day to seek repentance from God. However, looking forward to celebrating this day, they make some arrangements and cook good food to break the fast. If you are planning to host a Yom Kippur party, think no more! Follow our epic ideas and throw the best Yom Kippur celebration in town.

The theme of Yom Kippur

White color is supposed to be the theme of any Yom Kippur party since, in the Jewish religion, it is a representation of death. It is a reminder that they have gathered to repent for their past sins and seek forgiveness from God.

Pick the white theme and get started. Decorate your home with white curtains and lights and take out some white clothes to wear. For table decor, The Kaya Collection has the most elegant disposable plates, stylish disposable chargers, and disposable bowls - in all color varieties to match all your needs. Get them in white color and serve delicious foods to the guests.

Yom Kippur Table Decor

The significant ending of the Yom Kippur is when people break their fasts and have good food. Hence, the importance of exquisite table decor increases. Lay a beautiful white tablecloth on the table and begin by putting our stylish disposable chargers and elegant disposable plates.

Get matching disposable bowls, plastic flatware for parties, disposable serving tableware, and plastic drinkware to put on the table. The beauty of our disposable serving tableware makes serving enticing for you because your table should look like it has been decorated for the Yom Kippur especially. With the tableware, put an aromatic floral centerpiece for an extra elevated look. 

Break-Fast Food Ideas

Breaking the fast is when everyone sits and gets to talk to each other. Food ideas for a Yom Kippur should be tasty but simple because remember, you will be fasting for the past 25 hours, and it won’t be easy to do the job on an empty stomach. Food items for Yom Kippur fast-breaking are more like Brunch foods which should be light and hydrating.

You get to choose from a variety of meal options, including maple-glazed salmon, fried fish, sour cream, apple pie, and all dairy meals. Serve them in our disposable serving tableware to make them look even better.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Remember that everyone has come together for a religious cause and not to indulge in the wrong, worldly deeds. Make sure you don’t cross the line with anything when celebrating this holy day. Keep it simple.

Make sure to have enough seats for the guests and food for everyone in the room.

The foods served should be less in salt and more hydrating to avoid dehydration which is likely to occur after a 25 hour long fast. Perfumes and deodorants are not allowed, so don’t use them in your house.