How Do You Make a Picnic Party?

Picnic parties, especially in the summer, present a lovely opportunity to go outside and enjoy the fresh air with some good company from your family and friends. The summer party theme is ideal for any occasion, whether casual or formal.

A picnic, whether by the poolside, on the beach, or in the countryside, allows you to not only spend quality time outdoors but also save money.

We gathered fantastic ideas from all over the globe and highlighted the most entertaining elements of each. What's more, the best part? To pull things off, you don't need to be a party planner. To get inspired, scroll down.

The trick is to carefully arrange your guest list and take into account everyone's preferences. Naturally, create a checklist to eliminate the chance of forgetting things. Let's take a look at how to throw a picnic party.

The Invitation

Sending beautiful invitations is an important part of hosting any party. A personalized invitation, probably surrounded with white wooden hedge leaves to establish the tone when it comes in an olive-green silk package at the guests' houses, is a great touch. It will offer them a brief glimpse of what's yet to come.

A Homely Touch At The Party

Make your picnic homely and comfortable to make it engaging, bright, and appealing for your guests. Cushions and rugs provide texture as well as warmth to a room.

It's a requirement to have fairy lights and balloons! It will add to the great atmosphere you've established in your little paradise. The majority are do-it-yourself or can be purchased for a low price, and there is no shortage of ideas.

Pallets can also be purchased or obtained for free, and with a little polishing and painting, you've got yourself a picnic table!

The Menu-Spend Less Eat Best

Stick to the barbecue menu that includes burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and other grilled meats. Serve potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, and potato chips as well as traditional side dishes in plastic serving utensils. Chicken sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, focaccia bread, pita bread, sausage rolls, and macaroni salad are great choices to opt for.

Watermelon is an absolute essential. If you're searching for a quick method to give fruit to kids, you may make fruit kebabs. Instead of using pointed wooden skewers, use plastic skewers with rounded tips, which are safer for small children.

Serve the meal in disposable serving bowls or parchment paper-lined with white and red checkered napkins.

Homemade Refreshments

When it comes to drinks, homemade recipes and refreshments are always a wonderful way to stay cool on a hot, sunny day. For any summer picnic party, homemade lemonade is usually a good choice. Consider fruit-infused water if you want something a little less sweet but still refreshing.

The best aspect about fruit-infused water is that you can use almost any combination of fruits, which means the flavor possibilities are infinite. For fruit infused water, here are a few of our favorite fruit combinations:

  • Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry
  • Pineapple, orange, and strawberry
  • Watermelon and kiwi
  • Cucumber, honeydew, mint

You might serve lemonade in classy serving ware for parties from a large jug or from individual bottles. Cut strips of red-and-white checked paper, which is available in the sheets at scrapbooking or art stores, to make your own labels for the bottles.

You've diligently prepared an incredibly delicious treat using your favorite recipe, and now you want to serve it in style. You'll fall in love with our beautiful disposable serving party supplies. With our elevated and comprehensive variety of products, which includes stylish bowls, plastic serving trays, disposable spatulas, serving ladles, cake lifters, and premium serving flatware, you will not only present your colorful and luscious dishes in the most appealing way possible, but you will also add pure elegance and luxury to the decor of your table setting.

Picnic Party Decorations

Don't feel obligated to go crazy with the decorations. Your backyard will undoubtedly already be wonderful, and the whole idea of the gathering is to celebrate with your fam!

However, you may add some finishing touches like vibrant colored checkered tablecloths and balloons.

In a rusted bucket of ice, ordinary-looking soda bottles make a cute display but consider whether the guests are old enough to stroll safely with glass bottles in their hands.

Flowers are a wonderful way to fully embrace oneself in an outside setting. Bringing together a bouquet of flowers for your picnic would add a unique twist to a traditional lunch.

One of our favorite outdoor party ideas is pillows. Pillows in your picnic layout are not only a cute way to elevate your outdoor meal, but they also provide a comfy seating place for you and your guests to relax and enjoy.

Adding Fun To Your Party

Apart from face painting and potato sack races, traditional games like kick the can and wheelbarrow races are popular.

A backyard carnival could include a variety of activities. Face painting, a bouncy castle, and a bean bag toss, for example, might be enjoyed by guests as they moved from table to table. Give the kids a ticket strip so they may "pay" their way through the various booths.

What could be more traditional than the kids flinging at a lively and vibrant pinata? Make your pinata in the shape of an apple, a picnic basket, or a ladybug, and let the kids have fun!

Playing bingo is an enjoyable pastime for adults and children to do together. Dress up as a bingo caller (think garish waistcoat and matching hat) and hand prizes to the winners of each round with an adult or older teenager.

Favors and Prizes For Your Guests

You might offer each kid a little picnic basket full of goodies like fake tattoos and plum gummy candies as favors.

Cracker Jack boxes, a set of jacks, jump ropes, or sidewalk chalk could be used as prizes for games.

Another delightful present for summer picnic guests is lemonade mix in canning jars.